littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

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Quick Overview

Defend your domain with hands-on construction of security systems and other interactive inventions.


  • -Encourage fool-proof, project-based learning through collaborative cooperation
  • -Enable environments conducive to constructing STEAM skills right in your home
  • -Weave cool creativity and intricate innovation into meaningful, tech-rich play
  • -Empower kids’ inventive genius and kickstart creation of touch-activated tools
  • -Maximize beneficial tech use and shape creative confidence to thrive through PBL


The newest and kid-appealing kit from littleBits is full of innovative ideas and components to help children build creative confidence through active playtime while they protect their prized property! With the Rule Your Room Kit, littleBits has taken STEAM education from the classroom to the home as it encourages kids to stretch their creative wings and usher in a new era of invention-filled learning as it pairs with LEGOs so children can combine different toys for a uniquely enriching experience. The winner of 15 different awards, the Rule Your Room Kit empowers kids to transform any old object into an interactive device designed to sneak serious learning into at-home play! As kids tinker and test original designs, they’re guaranteed to gain invaluable STEAM skills, including problem solving, inventiveness, and ingenuity while exploring the world from an all-new point of view!

Each bit in the Rule Your Room Kit is designed to be compatible with all others to facilitate the discovery of creative combinations. The modules’ magnetic technology allow for the creation of snap-and-go connections, eliminating the need for any soldering, wiring or programming! Each kit features a power module and battery for giving life to your bits - you’ll need one of these in every circuit. The input bits accept input from the environment and send signals to the modules that follow while the output modules actually DO stuff, like light up, buzz or move. The magnetic magic between modules ensures that they’re always connected in the proper way, allowing inventing with littleBits to truly electrify learning! The crowning jewels of the Rule Your Room Kit are a noise detector and a special MaKey MaKey bit (not found in any other kit!), which take in the world through sound and motion and then output light, noise, or motion to surprise an unsuspecting friend or relative with a buzzing booklet or a creepy collage.


Kit Components


  • -Bargraph Bit
  • -Buzzer Bit
  • -Dimmer Bit
  • -MaKey MaKey Bit
  • -Power Bit
  • -Servo Bit
  • -Sound Trigger Bit
  • -Battery
  • -Battery Cable
  • -Mechanical Arm
  • -Micro USB Cable
  • -Mounting Board
  • -2 Project Templates
  • -Screwdriver
  • -4 Screws
  • -Servo Hub
  • -Servo Mount
  • -6 Adhesive Shoes