Makeblock Codeybot

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Quick Overview

Teach kindergarten kids to code with the dynamic fun packed inside this versatile robotic tool.


  • -Introduce coding and computational thinking to curious kids of all ages
  • -Prepare kids for a tech-heavy future full of robotics, computers and code
  • -Engage students in all levels of learning with voice commands and LED faces
  • -Build a real-world interest in coding through straightforward, intuitive play
  • -Connect learners of all skill levels with dynamic programming and coding


Codeybot is a highly interactive robot designed to introduce young minds to the world of robotics and coding. Its LED dot face is both emotion-filled and programmable, helping engage kids as young as 4 years old in beginner-level programming with robotics. It comes with a world of potential for teaching 21st century skills and recognizes kid-created commands that add important elements of interactivity to bring coding education to life in an instant. The combination of simplicity, learning, and fun is smoothly blended to make the Codeybot a highly engaging, highly educational tool for students to explore robotics and the power of programming. Codeybot breaks coding down into a natural process, during which kids can learn to build, break, and combine code in new and exciting ways – a staple for launching 21st century learning!

Codeybot’s two associated apps make programming it a breeze! Kids can learn how to make it move, dance, sing, and change colors - and the list of educational advantages goes on and on. It’s even intuitive enough to use for productive play without needing to incorporate coding right away, but, whenever they’re ready, the code is simple enough for children as young as 4 to pick up and learn with ease! Using its self-balancing wheel stability, Codeybot is able to execute various commands supplied by the user while its internal gyros keep the Codeybot upright and balanced at all times. Plus, it will engage kids in coding in new ways, including voice recording, which allows the Codeybot to record, understand and repeat your child’s voice using its own sound!


Kit Components


  • -Codeybot
  • -USB Charging Cable