Modular Robotics Cubelets Twenty Kit

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Quick Overview

Unlock kid-controlled programming potential with modular and magnetic robotic sensors.


  • -Merge outstandingly original design thinking with flexible robotic creation 
  • -Master the nuances of robotic behavior through hands-on experimentation 
  • -Enlarge excitement and expand opportunities with Bluetooth power 
  • -Shape early-learning innovation and creatively clarify complex concepts 
  • -Learn large-scale lessons with tech-friendly, tiny teaching robot systems


Cubelets helps students break ground on robot construction with easy-to-use, magnetic. and modular cubes that combine to form interactive robots. They’ll teach the large-scale lessons behind complex tech systems by continuously empowering students to apply design thinking to customized creations. The Twenty Kit comes packed with amazingly responsive components kids can use to build mind-blowing, mobile, and environmentally controlled robots! Every unique arrangement results in the creation of a brand new, but equally capable system for learning about the power of robotics! 

The blocks in the Twenty Kit come preloaded with Cubelets’ newest operating system, Cubelets OS 4 and feature brand new modules for deeper interactivity and expanded possibilities. The most important addition to the pack is the Bluetooth module, which offers remote control and reprogramming possibilities from any connected device! Each block is a sensor with its own specific function, including distance, brightness or temperature and each snaps to others with a powerful magnetic force. These forces help illustrate how and why student-crafted robot systems function perfectly or need some reworking. Built as tall or small as you want, Cubelets will respond to external stimuli when connected properly with power and sensor-seeking technology!


Kit Components


  • -2 Driver Cubelets 
  • -Rotate Cubelet 
  • -Speaker Cubelet 
  • -Flashlight Cubelet 
  • -Knob Cubelet 
  • -Brightness Sensor Cubelet 
  • -Distance Sensor Cubelet 
  • -Temperature Sensor Cubelet 
  • -Inverse Cubelet 
  • -Minimum Cubelet 
  • -Maximum Cubelet 
  • -Power Cubelet 
  • -2 Passive Cubelets 
  • -2 Blocker Cubelets 
  • -4 Brick Adapter Cubelets 
  • -USB Charging Cable