Piper Raspberry Pi Minecraft Computer Kit

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Quick Overview

Build your own Minecraft-ready computer and shape STEM skills with real-life making.


  • -Transform the modern Minecraft experience with future-facing challenges 
  • -Master all ends of electronics and engineering through play-based activities 
  • -Maximize assembly skills while completely constructing a connected computer 
  • -Conquer the computer interaction craze with a hands-on, digital textbook 
  • -Shape future inventors and spark a STEM surge with amazingly relevant fun


Piper is perfect for providing hands-on programming opportunities for passionate makers and gaming enthusiasts as young as five years old! Based on real-world principles that embody the importance of physical, hands-on building, Piper reinvents productive play without the need for instructional manuals, highlights maker-fueled fun and enables anyone to start engineering right away. It’s amazingly simple and comes jam-packed with Minecraft-related quests and projects for kids to create – plus Piper’s end-to-end, open-source nature obliterates any limits! Kids will literally build the game they’ll play – all the hardware and wires included – as they continually encounter key computer hardware concepts while constructing their own custom Minecraft adventures! Piper assures kids will understand the electronics they’re using – rather than simply consuming them, sparking the perfect solution to replacing screen time with building time.


Piper is a self-contained computer running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Project Board with 1GB of RAM and 900 MHz Quad-Core CPU. Cables connect the screen, Pi and power bank together while each of the kit’s electronic gadgets add flare and power to precision-packed projects! An 8GB SD card saves progress and keeps kid-crafted creations safe while Piper’s USB mouse with retractable cable optimizes gameplay. Kids can even add their own custom hardware to complete any number of projects that build future makers, like proximity sensors, buzzers or motion detectors! Using the power of Raspberry Pi and appealing to the ever-increasing Minecraft phenomenon, Piper sparks a love of invention as kids use the tools to create any power-up they can dream of!


Kit Components


  • -Wooden Computer Case with LCD Monitor 
  • -Raspberry Pi 2 1GB Project Board 
  • -LEDs, Motion Sensors, Buzzers, Buttons and Switches 
  • -Cables 
  • -USB Mouse 
  • -8 GB SD Card 
  • -Laminated Blueprint 
  • -Piper Screwdriver