ROLI LightPad Block

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Quick Overview

The Lightpad Block is a playable surface that is incredibly powerful and versatile.


The Lightpad Block is an affordable 5D MIDI controller and the centrepiece of ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio. On the Block’s pliable, pressure-sensitive surface you shape sound through gliding, pressing, lifting and other intuitive gestures. The surface is a glowing grid of squares that guides you to make beats and shape melodies.

Customize your kit through the addition of the Live Block, which helps you perform in real time, or the Loop Block, which helps you produce in real time.

The Lightpad Block is powered by NOISE, a free iOS app that doubles as a high-powered soft synth. NOISE connects to the Lightpad Block wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth.

This new generation of expressive pad controller is groundbreaking in its portability, affordability, and and versatility to making any kind of sound. And the possibilities only begin with this Block, which can be connected to others in a modular, customizable system.   

Key features

● 5D Touch:​ The surface is tactile and pressure-responsive, letting you shape music through glides, slides, presses, and other intuitive movements.  

● Illuminated surface​: Illuminated grids help you find notes, and Light Trails make it easy to learn the gestures for making music.

● Powered by NOISE​: Connects wirelessly with NOISE, the free app, so you can choose a sound on NOISE and play it on the Lightpad Block.  

● Connects to other Blocks​: Connects to other Blocks in the system, so you can expand your instrument and add more control.