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Quick Overview

Explore high-impact entry into the world of coding with a language perfect for young kids to grasp and love - emoji’s!


  • -Develop logical reasoning and cause-and-effect skills in elementary students
  • -Present the power-packed principles of coding in an intuitive, visual manner
  • -Engross children through visual communication and tech-based interactions
  • -Transcend typical science lessons with immediate, real-world applications
  • -Bolster STEM and problem-solving skills with an in-depth intro to programming


With a combination of cute sounds and faces, physical actions, and app programming, COJI is ready to leap into your world! Engaging and playful on its own, connect COJI to its app and its whole world opens up to you. Kids as young as 6 can program COJI with a field of emoji’s, play games, and even teach it to dance…the learning potential is endless and all made possible with the emergence of a new programming language – emoji’s! As children interact more and more with COJI, they learn logic and reasoning effortlessly while COJI responds to physical stimulation, like tilting and shaking, conditioned to execute one of its many pre-programmed responses. COJI will set kids up for stellar success as they learn to control robots from a smart device and explore programming with an all-new language!

COJI comes pre-loaded with fun commands that enable one-on-one play, engaging kids on a brand new level! Through its intuitive buttons and sensors, kids can create all kinds of new commands using the specialized COJI app. COJI works off an ‘If this, then that’ model, meaning kids can supply an input emoji, such as the happy face, and an output emoji, like the microphone, so that if COJI is happy, it will begin singing! COJI can move, spin, sing, make faces, and do so much more - all through simple emoji control. Its various games and programs are compatible with any iOS and most Android devices. Using these tools, COJI will do just about anything your child can dream, providing them with a primer for entering the world of programming!


Kit Components


  • -COJI
  • -Quick Start Guide
  • -User Manual