BoardShare Bluetooth Camera

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Quick Overview

Transform any classroom surface into an interactive touch board that maximizes in-depth education.


  • -Enlist noteworthy portability to amplify on-the-go, mobile learning
  • -Discover hundreds of software-based virtual whiteboards instantly
  • -Customize instruction with write-on and easy annotation features
  • -Access an enormous amount of Internet resources on your screen
  • -Redesign instruction with newly added, student-friendly intrigue


The Bluetooth Camera is the sequel to Boardshare’s incredibly efficient USB camera and one that perfectly combines portability, simplicity, and reach. Designed to maximize learning opportunities by providing students with visual supplements, the Bluetooth Camera engages children on new levels and offers educators an exceptionally easy way to make it happen. Boardshare comes with a ton of easy-to-use tools, including markers, erasers, and highlighters and teachers can even print documents from the screen at any time! Boardshare helps make student learning more visual by providing them with in-depth illustrations and bolstering their understanding of the most important concepts. The Bluetooth Camera helps reward students who learn visually and transforms the classroom into an imagination lab with the power of technology!

Tech Specs The Bluetooth Camera pairs with your laptop and in-class projector, bringing pocket-sized portability and large-scale learning to any classroom. It can be hooked up to a computer via the USB port or plugged into any power source in the classroom for maximized simplicity. To make it work, the camera requires a computer with both Windows 7 and Bluetooth 4.0. The camera is always facing the display surface, whether it’s a classroom wall or a whiteboard, and can easily communicate with the stylus for pain-free writing and drawing. Boardshare allows teachers to transform their classrooms into a hub of interactivity, engage students with powerful technology, and revamp learning without any majorly expensive equipment! Make any board a smart board with the power of Boardshare’s technology!


Kit Components:


  • -Camera
  • -Pen Stylus
  • -Software
  • -USB Cord
  • -Power Adapter