BoardShare USB Camera

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Quick Overview

BoardShare is a completely portable device which turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.


This camera is powered to your computer via USB. The camera faces the display surface and communicates with the pen stylus. The camera is included in the BoardShare package, as is the pen stylus, USB cord, and BoardShare software.

Want to engage, captivate, and inspire students? BoardShare delivers portable interactive capabilities that enable interactivity and collaboration on any surface. Simply take an existing projector and computer and pair with BoardShare to create an instant smart wall. By inviting users to draw, annotate, or even surf the Web, BoardShare gives educators and students the ability to create, capture, and collaborate! Compatible with Windows and Mac.

•             Transform any hard surface or LED/LCD TV into an interactive workstation

•             Create and toggle between hundreds of notes, documents, and presentations

•             Use an array of tools including virtual pens, erasers, highlighters and colors

•             Save work on a computer and digitally share or work on it later

•             Move objects and/or re-size them rather than erasing and re-creating

•             Access, annotate and interact with files from a computer or the Web

•             Move from one location to another and create a virtual intelligent whiteboard almost anywhere

*Projector and computer not included