Advanced Robotics Club Bundle

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Quick Overview

Harness the power of programming and the IoT to turn robot wranglers into technology masters.


  • -Spark rapid STEAM advancement and shape robotics and coding expertise
  • -Transform the understanding of computer science topics into practical knowledge
  • -Engage students with different expertise levels as they write their own programs
  • -Inspire entrepreneurs with splendidly simple drag-and-drop programming
  • -Smash boundaries and empower kids to create some personalized projects


This advanced robotics club bundle is built to perfect your school’s robotics club with a group of powerful, precise, and future-facing tools. Robotics-based learning is an incredibly effective way to help students master the skills of tomorrow, including coding, design thinking, problem solving, and even engineering. Step into the real-world possibilities of STEM and get your robotics club students innovating each and every day with tools for kids with solid robotics skills! Expand the reach of your school’s robotics club and help older students prepare for the future with hands-on robotics tools that catalyze rapid skills development and reinvigorated learning.



Ozobot Classroom Kit (1)

For advanced robotics students, the Ozobot empowers them to create interactive programs using the Web-based programming tool, OzoBlockly. Students can devise, create, and write their own programs, getting a feel for what real-world coding is like, as the always-simple Ozobot helps inspire higher levels of thinking and ignites endless innovation in problem solving. 

Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines (1)

Using the familiar idea of building a toy and adding modern relevance with app-controlled robots, the Robotics Smart Machines Kit guides kids as they enter the exciting field of robotics by affording them complete control and empowering them build their own robots. With this innovative kit and its 230 building pieces, kids can craft all sorts of inventive projects, including a humanoid bipedal droid, a robo-dinosaur, a motion-sensing catapult, and more!

Hummingbird Duo Premium Kit (2)

Hummingbird is a uniquely engaging robot that stimulates student excitement with programmable bots they can construct themselves. Designed to enhance engineering and robotics knowhow, Hummingbird helps guide kids on a journey of meaningful making that includes robots, kinetic sculptures, and animatronics.

EZ-Robot Roli Rover (1)

The Roli is a highly customizable, planetary rover-style robotics kit designed to get jobs done! Much like the Mars Rover, from which it was inspired, the EZ-Robot Rover navigates rough terrain with ease thanks to its intricately designed treads instead of simple wheels.

mBot 2.4G (2)

The second generation mBot is a build-it-yourself robot, upgraded from the original model to include app-based control over Bluetooth. It contains 38 powerful parts, but can be assembled in just 10 minutes using the handy guide found inside the box! Its most formidable improvement is the addition of Bluetooth functionality, allowing kids to program their bot using the mBot app as they control all aspects of its navigation!

Finch (2)

The Finch is a small, mobile, and programmable robot that packs a big punch! Equipped with LEDs, a buzzer, multiple sensors, and compatibility with a plethora of programming languages from simple to complex, it offers the total package for any student learning about computer science. As kids gain experience with programming, they learn more and more about what they can accomplish with the no-batteries-required Finch!

Edison Robot 10-pack (1)

No longer is robotics too difficult or expensive -- thanks to the overloading awesomeness packed into the compact, affordable, and innovative Edison Robot! Programmable and LEGO-compatible, Edison comes with a bunch of super-fun, pre-programmed functions that students can activate by placing the bot in front of custom barcodes. 

Ozobot Evo (3)

Ozobot Evo anchors in-depth experiences in the classroom and is the latest evolution of Ozobot, the pint-sized robot that encourages students to get creative with visual coding they can touch. Using Ozobot Evo, kids can collaboratively build skills they can apply in the real world -- most notably coding. Evo is capable of autonomous navigation, but can also be programmed using OzoBlockly over the Web.

EZ-Robot JD Humanoid (1)

This friendly Humanoid robot features 16 amazingly simple snap-together servos (click-and-play components) that make learning about programming and robotics absolutely easy and completely customizable. Teach your EZ-Robot to track an object around the room or start a dance party by designing your own dance routine! 

Sphero SPRK+ Education Pack (1)

Sphero SPRK is an education-focused, spherical, and programmable robot built to bolster coding skills in kids through connected play. It works with a variety of programming languages, from simple line drawing and code blocks to traditional text programming. Its partner app, Lightning Lab, is designed to add interactivity and engagement to experiential learning as kids create their own fun programs, activities, and games. 


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