Beginner Robotics Club Bundle

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Quick Overview

Unlock an innovative introduction to robots with excitingly engaging tools desigend for easy pick-up and foundational learning. 


  • -Boost smart robotics curricula and unmask enormous STEAM potential
  • -Polish programming prowess on a slew of compatible operating systems
  • -Extend collaboration, creative teamwork, and responsive STEM learning
  • -Engage students with distinctively designed and programmable robot tools
  • -Build a real-world interest in coding through straightforward, intuitive play



Get your school’s robotics club off and running with this amazing group of fun, engaging, and easy-to-use tools. Robotics-based learning is an incredibly effective way to help students master the skills of tomorrow, including coding, design thinking, problem solving, and even engineering. Step into the real-world possibilities of STEM and get your robotics club students innovating each and every day with tools for kids of all ages! Expand the reach of your school’s robotics club using hands-on robotics tools that catalyze rapid skills development and reinvigorated learning.


What's Included

Dash and Dot Pack (2)

Get kids coding with a super smart, fabulously friendly, and tech-focused revamping of smart playtime. Dash and Dot are animated, programmable, and friendly robots that come charged and ready to play right out of the box. Combine Dash (the body) and Dot (the brains) to empower kids to explore robotics learning like never before!

Edison Robot 10-pack (1)

Build long-lasting skills in robotics innovation with a powerfully programmable intro to STEM. No longer is robotics too difficult or expensive -- thanks to the overloading awesomeness packed into the compact, affordable, and innovative Edison Robot! Programmable and LEGO compatible, Edison comes with a bunch of super-fun, pre-programmed functions that students can activate by placing it in front of custom barcodes.

Ozobot Dual Pack (2)

These tiny optical robots can perform different movements on paper or on a tablet screen based on the color codes they receive from students. Unique color combinations represent specific robotic reactions and the Ozobot's animated feedback keeps kids engaged all day long.

Sphero SPRK+ (2)

Inspire a love for robotics, coding, and STEM success through playful programming and discovery. Sphero SPRK is an education-focused, spherical, and programmable robot built to bolster coding skills in kids through connected play. It works with a variety of programming languages, from simple line drawing and code blocks to traditional text programming.

Codeybot (1)

Teach kindergarten kids to code with the dynamic fun packed inside this versatile robotic tool. Codeybot is a highly interactive robot designed to introduce young minds to the world of robotics and coding. Its LED dot face is both emotion-filled and programmable, helping engage kids as young as 4 years old in beginner-level programming with robotics as they learn authentic 21st century skills!

Ozobot Evo (1)

Reach and engage students like never before with this social, programmable revolution in robotics. Ozobot Evo anchors in-depth experiences in the classroom and is the latest evolution of the Ozobot, the pint-sized robot that encourages students to get creative with visual coding they can touch. Using Ozobot Evo, kids can collaboratively build skills they can apply in the real world – most notably coding.


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