Build Your Own Robotics Club Bundle

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Quick Overview

Pick and choose the best robotics tools and launch your own unique ways of preparing students for the future.


  • -Bolster key robotics and coding knowledge with hands-on experience
  • -Boost robotics curricula and unmask enormously powerful STEM potential
  • -Thrive in a problem solving world by building first-hand, usable experience
  • -Transcend typical robotics projects with customizable courses and carrying
  • -Enable long-lasting science lessons with immediate, real-world applications


Mix and match to create your own customized robotics bundle that fits both your needs and your price range. Whatever STEM concepts you are trying to teach, we've got the robotics tools to help you get there! Combine different tools for intro-level coding, advanced programming, engineering, or building. Whatever your club needs, we'll bundle it up and help you launch innovative excitement kids will love! Choose from a host of cutting-edge products and build the perfect bundle for your beginner, intermediate, or advanced robotics club. Whether you want to teach color coding with the Ozobot or acceleration with the Sphero, you'll be able to package the tools you need and leave the rest behind. Our ever-growing selection of classroom robotics tools is ready to help you create a customized club to transform hands-on learning and skyrocket student readiness!