Dexter Industries GoPiGo Advanced Classroom Kit

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Quick Overview

Prime programming pros with purposeful classroom challenges using this powerful, group-friendly tool.


  • -Unite robotics and engineering to bolster any student’s confidence
  • -Refresh robotics courses with the intriguing addition of Raspberry Pi
  • -Highlight new programming languages that teach kids to think ahead
  • -Whip up whimsical, high-level skill-building in student-centered groups
  • -Pinpoint programming success that’s designed to propel future success

Grades: 4+


Imagine building a fully functional robot that’s ready to program in only 30 minutes! Well, you don’t have to imagine because that’s exactly what five groups of students can do using the components that come in the GoPiGo Advanced Classroom Kit! With just a small number of parts to engineer, the GoPiGo robots are a perfect way to extend classroom collaboration and take hands-on, STEM experiences to the next level. Following assembly, which only requires an additional Philips head screwdriver, students simply install the custom microSD cards (equipped with DexterOS) and they’re ready to start programming exciting robotic movements and complete more complex challenges. The Advanced Classroom Kit includes everything you need for five groups of students to experience robotic engineering and programming in Bloxter, Python, Java, C, Scratch, and more!

The Advanced Classroom Kit works with all versions of Raspberry Pi and uses custom DexterOS software to introduce kids to programming in a number of languages. To work, GoPiGo requires a download of Raspbian for Robots onto the included SD card and may require an additional ethernet-to-USB adapter if students are using a Mac in the classroom, though the robot is also Windows-compatible. GoPiGo is also compatible with LEGO Technic parts, which are sold separately. Connecting GoPiGo to Raspbian for Robots is simple and made even easier by the instructions included on Dexter’s website. The Bloxter programming language, which can be accessed at, is block-based and offers students a simplistic way of exploring programming, including loops, logic, and sensors. Dexter also provides a number of sample projects for both Python and Scratch, helping make it a top-notch option for kids who want to practice programming!


Kit Components:


  • -5 GoPiGo Robots (with Screwdriver)
  • -5 Raspberry Pi 3’s -5 GoPiGo Servo Packages
  • -5 Distance Sensors
  • -5 Sensor Mounts
  • -5 microSD Cards
  • -5 Power Supplies
  • -5 6” Ethernet Cables
  • -5 Rechargeable Battery Packs and Smart Chargers
  • -6 Storage Bins
  • -Spare Parts Kit

*8 AA batteries needed per robot -- not included.