Empowering the Future Bundle (Grades 6-8)

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Quick Overview

Embody interactive programming with kid-created and customizable projects in robotics and the Internet of Things.


  • -Learn color coding techniques and get a real feel for robotics
  • -Exemplify creativity while crafting hands-on projects with in-depth guides 
  • -Embolden enhanced inclusion with powerful, Internet-enabled projects 
  • -Launch open-source access and unleash crazy cool robotics projects 
  • -Ensure a long-lasting leg up in hands-on STEM problem solving



EZ-Robot JD

This friendly Humanoid robot features 16 amazingly simple snap-together servos (click-and-play components) that make learning about programming and robotics absolutely easy and completely customizable. Launch open-source access and unleash crazy cool robotics projects to help students master robotic behavior and learn key programming skills through productive play.

Arduino Starter Kit

Program your own coding and electronics expertise by building projects with all-encompassing power. The Starter Kit is your guide to learning, understanding and seamlessly implementing Arduino basics in the classroom, setting the stage for customized control of the physical world.

Particle Maker Kit

The Maker Kit from Particle is an ability-appropriate toolbox designed to seamlessly introduce students to the power of programming! Using a long list of simple, intuitive and capable parts, the Maker Kit will build future-proof tinkerers in no time as kids get comfortable with more advanced technology.

Monk Makes

Transform learning into a mind-ripening adventure of active experimentation as students convert complex to simple and construct a host of beginner-level LED projects that stretch the imagination, boost programming skills and facilitate brand new levels of learning.

Eduporium Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

Burst into the world of DIY computing and create Pi-powered devices with this limited edition kit, custom crafted by Eduporium to enhance maker education. Spice up the school day with in-depth programming and maker activities and try DIY computing made possible by the innovative power of the brand new Raspberry Pi 3

Meccano G15KS Personal Robot

Build a revolutionized, transformational, robot-centered classroom - literally. Engage with robots in brand new and hilarious ways as Meccano keeps kids on their toes with witty wisecracks after they build it from scratch.

Sphero SPRK

Spark an in-depth understanding of robotics, coding, and STEM principles…through purposeful play. Sphero is simple enough for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers to dive in deeper.

Ozobot 2-pack

This tiny optical robot can perform different movements on paper or on a tablet screen based on the color codes it receives from students. Unique color combinations represent specific robotic reactions and the Ozobot's animated feedback keeps kids engaged all day long.


*This bundle also includes a tablet, laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse.


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately.