Robotics Starter Bundle

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Quick Overview

Deploy our robotics-centered learning system to inspire kids to program, tinker and code.


  • -Launch open-source access and unleash crazy cool robotics projects
  • -Master motion and robotics using cutting-edge Arduino technology 
  • -Simplify and enhance complex work for makers, inventors and educators 
  • -Extend collaboration, creative teamwork and responsive learning
  • -Ensure a long-lasting leg up in hands-on STEM problem solving





No bigger than a ping pong ball, the mighty Ozobot packs a punch much more powerful than its size! Using Ozobot, kids can combine creative design with the basics of color coding and teach their customized microrobot how to see colors, follow lines and detect intersections. Despite being one of the world’s most compact smart robots, Ozobot will engage kids, keep them focused on interactive learning and get them craving more!


Cubelets – innovative building blocks – teach kids the importance of design thinking, planning and creative construction. They will be sure to inspire a love of learning through play, initiate a newfound avenue for collaboration and inspire young tinkerers to display their creativity through project-based learning! Transform building blocks into built robots – there’s no wrong way to build with Cubelets!

EZ-Robot JD Humanoid

Build your own walking, talking human-like robot! Using computer-based software, kids can easily program their robot to speak, nod, dance and perform all types of movements! The modular components, or EZ bits, snap together so kids get a hands-on idea of what it’s like to create their very own robotic friend!

DF Robot Beginner Kit for Arduino

The Beginner Kit comes with every piece you need to burst into the world of electronic interaction! The kit has been upgraded from its original version and is now much more compatible with Arduino. Starting from basic LED control to more advanced IR remote control, this kit will guide you through the world of microcontrollers and physical computing! Perfect for those classrooms that have trouble staying organized!

Raspberry Pi

The phrase Easy as Pi has never been so true! For makers, inventors or students who have a passion for simplifying complex work, designing cool projects or astounding their peers, nothing could be more perfect than the Raspberry Pi. Anything your desktop or laptop can do the Pi can do better – and it’ll fit in your pocket, making it a 21st century dream piece of technology. The project possibilities are aplenty and kids can show off their coding knowledge with awe-inspiring creations.

Monk Makes

Monk Makes is a totally simple electronic starter kit that tops off the Robotics Bundle with a series of progressive tech projects! The Kit contains all the components you need, together with easy-to-follow instruction cards, in order to complete 10 simple experiments involving LEDs, thermistors, photoresistors & switches. Monk Makes is an ideal starting point for anyone new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi as the simplicity is unmatched!