OnPoynt Deluxe STEM-Box Drone Education Kit- Four Drone Pack

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Quick Overview

FOUR PACK : The Deluxe STEM-Box Drone Education Kit was created for OnPoynt, the nation’s leading supplier of drone equipment and training for STEM Education through our partnership with QuadLugs. The is intended for educators to introduce drone technology into the classroom. 



The kit includes:

  • STEM-Box drone,
  • Assembly tools
  • build and operating instructions
  • safety equipment and classroom resources
  • two batteries & charger 
  • remote controller-transmitter & receiver

Student teams can build and operate this aerial robot and experience hands-on STEM challenge. It also comes with a complete set of build and fly videos

The STEM Box Drone is for outdoor use ages 14 and above with a beginner to intermediate level understanding of robotics

The Deluxe STEM-Box Drone Education Kit offers a drone that is

  • Re-Buildable
  • Reliable and roughed
  • Stable to Fly
  • Enhanced with Safety Features
  • Easy to Build and Configure
  • Fail-Safe Return-Home Features


  • Enhanced flight controller
  • Free downloadable software allows students to configure, the flight computer

and control sensor gains, calibrate the electronic compass, remote controller and more.

  • GPS stabilized flight
  • Two, heading-independent flight modes

  Safety Features

  • Fail Safe “Return-To-Home and Land” (RTH)
  • Altitude and distance limiters to keep the drone in sight
  • Battery low voltage warning.
  • Propeller guards and additional safety equipment.

OnPoynt includes with this kit safety equipment, training and assembly videos, best practice guidelines and resource and reference material to ensure a fun and safe learning experience


-Waypoint module that allows for autonomous, hands-free flying

-Video camera, transmitter, ground based receiver /monitor system