OnPoynt RC Kite Red Vortex

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Quick Overview

OnPoynt Powered RC Kite - Style Red Vortex


Finally a delta wing stunt kite that is made for Vector Power! The Vortex is a great way to get into the new hobby of Vector Kite flying. Durable and easy to fly for beginners, the Vision still has plenty of maneuverability for advanced stunts like loops, spins and wingovers. Powered by a Vector Power Unit, its delta shape makes for fast climbs and excellent tracking. Easy to put together, easy to fly and easy to have fun is what the Vision is all about. 

Size: length: 38 in. span: 41 in.
Weight: 11.2 oz (without VPU and battery)
Air Frame: Tubular Fiberglass
Sail: High Performance Rip-Stop Nylon
Power Plant: Vector Power Unit with High Performance Brushless Motor
Battery: 650 mAh to 1040 mAh LiPo, 3S LiPo
Wind Range: 0 to 10 mph