OnPoynt Classic STEM-Box Drone Education Kit - Six Drone Pack

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Quick Overview

SIX DRONE PACK:The STEM Box Drone was created for OnPoynt, the nation’s leading supplier of drone aerial robotics equipment and training for STEM Education. The Classic STEM-Box Drone Education Kit is intended for educators to introduce drone technology into the classroom.


The Classic STEM-Box Drone is recommended for:

  • outdoor use a
  • for four to six students per drone,
  • ages 14 and above
  • intermediate level understanding of robotics



Student teams can build and operate this aerial robot and experience hands-on STEM challenge.

The Kit includes:

  • STEM-Box drone
  • Classroom Resources
  • Assembly tools
  • Build and operating instructional videos
  • Safety equipment

The Classic STEM-Box Drone Education Kit is:

  • Re-Buildable
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Easy to Build and Configure




The Classic STEM-Box Drone Kit is a complete education solution that includes:

  • Quadcopter drone
  • Four motors
  • 4-in-1 electronic speed controllers
  • Flight computer
  • 12 batteries
  • 3 chargers
  • Remote controller-transmitter & receiver
  • Tools
  • Safety equipment
  • Downloadable flight controller software

The quadcopter can be assembled and disassembled for repeated use.

Safety Features

  • Loss of Signal Fail-Safe motor cut-off
  • Battery low voltage audio warning
  • Propeller guards

To ensure a fun and safe learning experience OnPoynt includes with this kit:

  • Safety equipment,
  • Resource and reference materials
  • Training and assembly videos,
  • Best practice guidelines

Free 2-hour phone support consultations with OnPoynt drone technicians.