Brown Dog Gadgets Solar USB Kit 2.0

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Quick Overview

Teach any child or student the power of solar energy by building a USB solar charger! The finished charger is capable of charging small electronic devices.


Two rechargeable AA batteries, that when soldered to the solar panel, create a charging circuit that allows solar energy to be stored in the batteries. A Baltic Birch enclosure houses all of the internal parts and is held together by screws. We recommend painting or staining your enclosure to add a personal touch to it.

Note: Additional USB Cable not needed. It's an option in case you need one. When in doubt use the USB cable that came with your gadget.

Build time: 30 to 60 minutes


Suitable for: grades 8+ 


Parts Included:

• USB Charging Circuit - Works with all iPhone and iPod models, as well as most other phones and USB gadgets.

• 6V 80mA Solar Cell

• 3 AA Holder

• 3 Rechargeable AA Batteries @ 2600mAh

• Toggle Switch

• Wire

• Laser Cut Enclosure w/ Screws

• Double-sided Foam Mounting Tape


Items Needed:

• Soldering Iron

• Screwdriver

• Wire Stripper or Cutter

• Hot Glue Gun