E-Blox pARTS Starter Set

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Quick Overview

Complete carefully designed structures by making them shine, blink, and blaze with the mark of student creativity.


  • -Extend creative engineering and give meaning to kids’ LEGO structures
  • -Empower all students to bring design skills to life in brand new ways
  • -Recharge challenge-based learning with exciting feats of engineering
  • -Enhance inventiveness and integrate incredibly shiny lights into builds
  • -Explore new properties of electronics while building real-world skills


The E-Blox pARTS Starter Set empowers students to become the designers, builders, and brains behind adding brightly colored displays to their circuits. After constructing unique 3D circuits with E-Blox pieces, kids can light them up using the power block and mix in as many as 50 fiercely flashing LED blocks, including eight NEW rainbow-colored LEGOs, to truly make their inventions shine! With no wires needed, students as young as 8 years old can mix and match, including the blocks they need for each invention, and work to improve on earlier builds. This set is also compatible with other toy brick sets and E-Blox kits, making classroom integration easy for educators and exciting for students! The pARTS Starter Set is guaranteed to help kids bolster design skills as it enables them to explore the arts and sciences while they follow simply worded instructions and tap their creative muscles and add flare to their dazzling 3D circuits!

The pARTS Starter Set features a number of innovative tech components that will not be found in any other toy brick set. It includes 25 extra conductive LEGO pieces that allow kids to illuminate the structures they engineer. It's the perfect addition to any of the other E-Blox pArts kits students have used in the past. And, best of all, there are absolutely no wires necessary; children have the power to build interactive circuits directly into their projects! Worried about safety? E-Blox is designed specifically to prevent short circuits during construction by emitting an extremely irritating buzzing noise any time students connect the electronic pieces in the wrong way! All they need is a 9V battery (not included) and kids will be on their way to exploring the benefits of electronics, engineering, and creativity all in one!


Kit Components:


  • -25 Conductive LEGOs