Inventables X-Carve

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Quick Overview

Mold all-purpose makers and help students get ready to take on real-world design challenges with an easy-to-use 3D carving machine.


  • -Fortify top-notch makerspaces with an optimized outlet for innovative design
  • -Carve more consistently with cutting-edge components that bolster creativity
  • -Develop in-depth design skills and promote personalization through making
  • -Explore the amazingly easy ways to combine 3D technology, art, and design
  • -Polish the maker skills kids need to adapt and excel through real-world rigor


The X-Carve is an easy-to-use, tabletop 3D carving machine that helps turn conceptual ideas into sensational reality. Packed with student-friendly features, this all-in-one innovator’s dream is the ideal starting point for exposing young makers to 3D carving and engraving. Capable of helping kids create anything from sings and plaques to furniture and musical instruments, X-Carve embodies the Maker Movement and can transform school or library makerspaces into innovative invention hubs in no time! With incredible detail and free software known as Easel, X-Carve ensures kids create the perfect design every time - and it’s as simple as choosing a picture, importing it into the program, and watching as Easel automatically converts it to prepare for carving. X-Carve offers best-in-class reliability, power, and intricacy and carves creations out of wood, plastic, metal, and more, making it a must-have for any modern makerspace!

The X-Carve from Inventables comes in three different sizes, offering an option for everyone and every learning space. Designed to expand efficiency and authenticate maker-focused carving, the X-Carve features improved hardware, belt clips, and pulleys as well as high-level accuracy with properly tuned and calibrated machines able to reach a resolution of up to 0.13mm. its power pack - the X-Controller - features four powerful, four-amp stepper drivers and a heat sink to support longer, more accurate, and incredibly precise carves. it’s fully encased, too, so any debris will stay out as it safely houses all the machine’s wires and is home to the emergency stop button just in case. In no time, the X-Carve and its rapid-rate creation can transform a classroom into an innovation-fueled, real-world invention space!


Kit Components


  • -Spindle and Mount
  •  -X-Controller Kit
  • -Monitor Kit
  • -Waste Board Kit
  • -Side Board Kit
  • -Drag Chain Kit
  • -Homing Switch Kit
  • -Z-Probe
  • -Toolkit
  • -Clamp Set
  • -Digital Calipers
  • -End Mill Starter Set
  • -Bit Set for Wood and Plastic
  • -Bit Set for Fine Digital Engraving
  • -Wood + MDF Material Bundle