littleBits STEAM Education Class Pack, 30 Students

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Quick Overview

Enlist top-notch tutorials to guide experiential learning as students master real-world inventive excellence.


  • -Accelerate project-based learning and catalyze cooperative classrooms
  • -Enlist teacher-tested tools and lessons that support rapid development
  • -Solidify real-world skills and true readiness through maker-minded magic
  • -Facilitate group work or solo innovation in students of all ages and abilities
  • -Transform passive classrooms into active, invention-filled makerspaces
Grades: 3-8  


Comprised of four STEAM Student Sets, the littleBits Class Pack is an over-the-top way to organize hands-on learning in innovative classrooms or makerspaces! Packed with hundreds of powerful components, this tech-filled toolbox accommodates up to 16 invention-minded students and helps propel them from passive bystander to active creator. It’s never been easier to help kids gain a stronghold on crucial 21st century skills, like problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration. The STEAM Classroom Pack is designed to transform classrooms into active learning hubs filled with design thinking, positive failure, and lasting examples of learning. With something for each and every student, the Classroom Pack helps establish fun-fueled curricular connections while bolstering learning efficiency through guided PBL, making it an ideal addition to any modern classroom!

The Classroom Pack comes fully loaded with 257 bits and accessories that buzz, blink, snap, surge, and move! Even though this gigantic kit is much grander in size, the concept remains the same; littleBits inventions need a blue power bit, a pink input bit, and a green output bit to teach kids about inventing with ease. Each bit makes use of a magnetic connection and simple circuitry to ensure correct construction of every student-created device. Whether they’re using speakers, buzzers, transmitters, or something else in the box, kids can put their minds to work as they playfully craft their way to developing inventions that solve authentic problems. With the Classroom Pack, students will undoubtedly surge forward as they use inputs like temperature, light, and vibrations to create mind-blowing inventions again and again!


Kit Components


  • -4 Button Bits
  • -8 DC Motor Bits
  • -4 Fork Bits
  • -4 Light Sensor Bits
  • -4 Number Bits
  • -4 Pulse Bits
  • -4 Servo Bits
  • -4 Temperature Sensor Bits
  • -8 Wire Bits
  • -4 Buzzer Bits
  • -4 Fan Bits
  • -4 Inverter Bits
  • -4 Long LED Bits
  • -4 Power Bits
  • -4 RGB LED Bits
  • -4 Slide Dimmer Bits
  • -4 USB Power Bits
  • -4 Batteries
  • -4 Cables
  • -16 motorMates
  • -8 Screwdrivers
  • -4 Servo Hubs
  • -96 Shoes (Hook and Loop)
  • -4 USB Power Adapters and Cables
  • -12 Mechanical Arms
  • -8 Mounting Boards
  • -16 Screws
  • -4 Servo Mounts
  • -Tackle Box
  • -8 Wheels 
  • -72-page Invention Guidebook