Dexter Industries GoPiGo Robot Base Kit

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Quick Overview

Construct and program a quick-moving robot car that’s guaranteed to engage students and unlock innovation.


  • -Intertwine engineering and programming with easy integration
  • -Transform STEM education into cool challenges students will love
  • -Inspire child coders with real-world and relevant example lessons
  • -Explore the functions and possibilities when programming sensors
  • -Bolster innovative aptitude while ensuring students’ future readiness

Grades: 4+


The Base Kit features the GoPiGo 3, the newest version of Dexter’s robot car, and an awesome opportunity for students to explore engineering and programming! It’s powered by a Raspberry Pi computer kids can program using a simple language over the Web and comes with all the classic robot components, including a chassis, wheels, motors, encoders, and, of course, its very own battery pack. GoPiGo is compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi, making it an easy integration into just about any classroom. Once they’ve built this compact, little bot, students can control it by creating a number of increasingly advanced programs using drag-and-drop languages like Python and Bloxter (Dexter’s own language). It’s the ideal way to prepare students for a lifetime filled with innovation, quick thinking, and technical challenges!

The Raspberry Pi is the main brains of the GoPiGo bot and connects directly to the GoPiGo board. The kit also comes with a mini Wi-Fi dongle, which can be plugged into the Raspberry Pi and allows the robot to function as a remote-controlled car. Additionally, the kit includes a microSD card students can use to install the operating system – either DexterOS or the Raspbian for Robots software for more advanced users. GoPiGo requires an Ethernet cable to connect to the computer and for programming GoPiGo on the go. This robot is also compatible with LEGO Technic parts and there are hundreds of accessible examples of software and API available on Github. Just add eight AA batteries and students are ready to try programming with the versatile GoPiGo Base Kit!


Kit Components:


  • -GoPiGo 3 Board
  • -Chassis
  • -Motors
  • -Encoders
  • -Battery Pack and Cable
  • -Screwdriver