Monk Makes Electronic Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Quick Overview

Convert complex to simple and construct a host of beginner-level LED projects that stretch the imagination.


  • -Transform learning into a mind-ripening adventure of experimentation 
  • -Tinker with powerful components in this interactive intro to electronics 
  • -Fashion transcending creations using the limitless Raspberry Pi 
  • -Maximize efficiency and eliminate errors with clear-cut instruction cards&nbsp
  • -Ensure a long-lasting leg up in hands-on STEM problem solving


Monk Makes is a totally simple electronic starter kit that clearly illustrates a series of progressive tech projects. The Kit contains all the components you need, together with easy-to-follow instruction cards, in order for curious kids to complete 10 simple experiments involving LEDs, thermistors, photoresistors and switches. Monk Makes is an ideal starting point for anyone new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi as the simplicity is simply unmatched. Not only are the projects totally cool, but they’re genuinely useful, too - start by making a simple LED blink and tinker your way all the way up to creating a real-time email notification system!

Each jumper wire has a specific function and is able to execute that function when the male side is properly connected to the breadboard and the female side properly connected to the Raspberry Pi (good news, it works with the new Raspberry Pi 3). The colors are nice, but it doesn’t matter which wire you use when setting up your project - any one will do when connecting components to the breadboard. For a better user experience, the kit contains a tiny leaflet that can be placed directly over the GPIO pins for easy identification. Don’t forget to make sure that the resistor leads are not touching and once you’ve built your circuit, you’re ready to run the program on your desktop or laptop. The project cards feature the required code and - just like that - you’re ready to start programming!


Kit Components


  • -5 470Ω Resistors 
  • -2 1kΩ Resistors 
  • -4.7MΩ Resistor 
  • -2 Red LEDs 
  • -RGB LED 
  • -2 Switches 
  • -330NF Capacitor 
  • -Thermistor 
  • -Photoresistor 
  • -Buzzer 
  • -Raspberry Leaf 
  • -Breadboard 
  • -10 Male-to-male Jumper Leads 
  • -10 Male-to-female Jumper Leads 
  • -10 Easy-to-use Instruction Cards