Wonder Workshop - Cue

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Quick Overview

Customize your coding journey as kids discover new levels of interactive fun and witty robotic remarks.


  • -Combine the perfect amount of integral STEM learning and educational fun
  • -Leverage kid-friendly technology while highlighting coding and development
  • -Multiply advanced, real-world skill sets and progress towards using Javascript
  • -Design student-centered challenges made exciting with intuitive technology
  • -Fortify future readiness with programming and problem solving made personal


Using cue, kids can chat, code, and create a fully customized robot that’s entirely their own. Designed to increase coding exposure for kids aged 11 and up, cue develops new abilities the more it’s used and its newly updated software enables interactive communication unlike any other robot kids have ever seen! The best part is kids can truly make it their own, choosing from four fun and extremely unique avatar options that allow them to creatively solve problems with different forms of help. With the cue app, students can chat with their robot – a first for many of them – and create real-time instructions for cue to follow using block-based code! Whatever their skill level, there’s a coding option that’s perfect for every student – from super simple to involved and complex!

The incredibly intelligent cue Robot is powered by emotive artificial intelligence and is smart enough to carry on witty banter with students both verbally and through text messaging. It’s packed with more memory, improved sensors, upgraded processors, and advanced Bluetooth capabilities, making cue a more complete robot than previous models. Among the tech under its hood are three proximity sensors, which give cue a constant report on its environment. They are joined by two powered wheels and encoders, IR robot interaction, dual motors, three microphones, real-time Bluetooth, and a speaker inside cue’s compact frame. Just download the cue app on a compatible iOS or Android device and kids can control cue’s movements, create behaviors, and code exciting interactions! For the list of compatible devices, click here.


Kit Components:


  • -cue Robot
  • -Charging Cable
  • -Stickers
  • -Warranty
  • -Connector Blocks