Ozobot 4-pack Markers (for Bit & Evo)

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Quick Overview

Empower kids to experience coding up close and personal as they create interactive color codes with their own hands.


  • -Transport programming from screens to paper, adding new elements of innovation
  • -Unlock full-circle STEAM experiences with this artistic element added to coding
  • -Illustrate the correlation between coding and colors while skyrocketing engagement
  • -Explore the Ozobot's uncanny ability to follow lines and create new routes every day
  • -Flourish in the future with the foundational skills learned from colorful programming


The markers come in black, blue, red, and green -- the four colors that the Ozobot recognizes and reads. Using these markers and a simple piece of paper, students can draw out courses for their Ozobot's to follow and include color-coded commands for it to execute! The Ozobot is pre-programmed to recognize hundreds of different color codes, like red-blue-green, for example, and, using these long-lasting markers, kids can create the codes themselves! The markers come four in a pack with one of each color and are compatible with both the Ozobot Bit and Ozobot Evo. They're the perfect addition to any STEAM classroom or makerspace, whether you're using the single Ozobot's, a dual pack, or a classroom-sized kit and they're 100 percent washable!
The Ozobot is able to read four colors -- black, blue, red, and green -- and lights up in the color it's riding over. Using a number of high-tech sensors found on its bottom side, this robot is able to decipher which color it's gliding on and when it reaches a code. In the markers themselves, there's no special technology -- the ink is pretty standard, but they do each feature specialized tips to help make programming on paper even easier. Using the markers, students can maximize the abilities of their Ozobot's and increase engagement at the same time. The markers are completely non-toxic and recommended for use by students aged 6 and up!