Sphero SPRK+ and Clear Cover - Education Bundle

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Quick Overview

Inspire a love for robotics, coding and STEM success through playful programming and discovery.


  • -Incorporate introductory coding for beginner students and seasoned pros
  • -Prioritize programming and build unique skills without sacrificing enjoyment
  • -Engage students with a distinctively designed and programmable robot tool
  • -Diversify robotics education with a myriad of hands-on activities and projects
  • -Jumpstart robotics knowledge and proficiency in students earlier than ever


Sphero SPRK is an education-focused, spherical, and programmable robot built to bolster coding skills in kids through connected play. It works with a variety of programming languages, from simple line drawing and code blocks to traditional text programming. Its partner app, Lightning Lab, is designed to add interactivity and engagement to experiential learning as kids create their own fun programs, activities, and games. Sphero makes coding accessible for learners of all levels, introducing children to the power of programming as they construct the block-based commands for Sphero to execute! Sphero helps students emerge ready for the world of STEM challenges by building key 21st century skills through completely customizable play!

Sphero SPRK is an app-controlled robot that’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindle. Operating much like a hamster ball, the internal wheels and gyroscope keep the robot inside constantly Sphero upright while moving forward, backward, or sideways. Its durable polycarbonate shell is completely waterproof and spherical, allowing kids to use it effectively on all surfaces while protecting it from rough play. Depending on how it’s programmed, Sphero can race at up to 4.5 miles per hour and its built-in Bluetooth connection gives it a 100-foot range to maximize hands-on learning. There are over 30 apps available for interacting with Sphero, making it an extremely customizable and accessible option for exploring programming through kid-friendly robotics!


Kit Components


  • -Sphero SPRK
  • -Charging base
  • -Protractor
  • -Notebook
  • -Pencil
  • -Quick Start Guide
  • -Power Adapter