Fischertechnik Multi Processing Station w/Oven 24V

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Quick Overview

fischertechnik Multi-Processing Station with Oven allows builders to construct a furnace with pneumatic sliding door. This fischertechnik model is a functioning replica of a downstream processing station with a pneumatic transfer unit, which includes a vacuum gripper, cutter with rotary table and a conveyor belt. As part of the fischertechnik Training and Simulation line, this set is perfect for teaching students essential technology skills.


The fischertechnik Multi-Processing Station with Oven is a versatile part of the fischertechnik Education Training and Simulation product line. Students and educators can use this construction set to learn about important automated mechanical concepts that are used in various industries, including manufacturing. This model serves multiple purposes, but has a furnace with a pneumatic transfer unit at its core. This unit includes a vacuum gripper, cutter with rotary table and conveyor belt.


This set is available in two different price options: the 9V Version and the industry standard 24V Version.

24V Version 
The Multi-Processing Station with Oven 24V Version is specifically designed to work with your existing PLC unit. It will easily integrate into your system, but requires a programmable controller to function.


The fischertechnik Multi-Processing Station with Oven set includes:

  • 4 mini motors
  • 6 push buttons (limit switch)
  • 2 phototransistors
  • 2 lens tip lamps
  • 4 solenoid valves
  • 1 compressor


NOTE: 24V version Port 
PCB with relays to reverse polarity of motor, multi-pin connector (26 pins, grid 2,54 mm) and additional PCB terminals with push in connection for all I/O.


Please note, the following is required for the model to properly function (sold separately):

  • Required for 536630 (24V): Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) (not included)