Samsung Gear VR Galaxy Note8 Edition Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset with Controller

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Quick Overview

Bolster immersive education and reinvent learning with the most prolific, awe-inspiring VR headset around.


  • -Usher in an exciting new era of immersive, experiential education
  • -Master navigation and grasp complete control with superior usability
  • -Transform how kids see the world with fully empowered interaction
  • -Activate truly comfortable and learning-conducive VR experiences
  • -Propel next-gen innovators poised to take on whatever comes next


Redefine what it means to learn with a virtual reality experience that’s perfect for kids of all ages. Using the Samsung Gear VR headset, students can jump directly into the most realistic VR experience they’ve ever had and make learning come alive! The Gear VR is engineered to feel as light as a feather, creating vivid virtual learning as kids forget they even have it on. Comfortable as can be and as interactive as it gets, the Gear VR puts kids in control and empowers them to see the big picture with a smooth and superior view of brand new realms. Plus, its controller allows students to navigate virtual worlds with unmatched simplicity, naturally enabling one-handed control as they explore over 600 compatible apps to transform their wildest dreams into crystal-clear realities!

The Samsung Gear VR is compatible with the S6/S7/S8-Series Phones & Note8. It can be connected using either a USB Type-C port or a Micro USB, offering a variety of options based on user preferences. Beyond its basic capabilities, the Samsung Gear VR is specifically engineered to change how users view and interact with the world, enabling children or adults to experience extraordinary events in 360 degrees or visit places that were previously not possible. The Gear VR offers an amazing 101° field of view at an incredibly light weight of 345g. Also fitted with gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, this headset is capable of transplanting users to the worlds they’re exploring without anybody having to get up from their seat! All you need is a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, a compatible app of your choosing, and an imagination that enables exploration into the unknown!


Kit Components


  • -Samsung Gear VR Viewer
  • -Gear VR Controller
  • -Controller Holder
  • -Wrist Strap
  • -2 AAA Batteries
  • -Manual
  • -Micro USB Device Holder
  • -Micro USB Connector