zSpace z300 AIO; z Studio SW LabKit -10seat

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Quick Overview

Add interactive bewilderment to experiential education with the in-depth learning opportunities students crave.


  • -Redefine STEM education with a hands-on, desktop computing experience
  • -Uncover unreachable elements of any environment with crystal clear AR
  • -Sustain uncommon collaboration using state-of-the-art 3D technology
  • -Interact with 3D objects thanks to the raw power of augmented reality
  • -Transform traditional classrooms into fully functioning discovery zones


Now it’s possible to add exhilarating immersion to any STEM classroom and transport students to wherever they want to be! The zSpace system is a prolifically powerful augmented reality tool that utilizes 3D technology to allow students to explore new environments, manipulate objects using a stylus, and create engagement through exploration. Ideal for high school or college classrooms, zSpace features lightweight glasses, which make objects appear to jump off the screen like a hologram as students examine their ins and outs. By the time they take the glasses off, they’re consumed with whole new levels of understanding. Unlock educational experiences previously unattainable and create student-centered learning that reaches new heights and deeper depths using the incredibly powerful zSpace system – an augmented reality-based learning experience that’s absolutely second to none!

The zSpace computing system combines elements of both virtual and augmented reality to unleash an incredibly innovative way for students to explore STEAM scenarios. The size of a small TV, zSpace acts as an all-in-on VR computer that delivers immersive experiences that are natural and intuitive for students. The lightweight zSpace glasses – a key component in this system – offer a safe and comfortable viewing experience. As for the stylus, it’s designed with six degrees of freedom, empowering students to rotate, lift, and flip augmented objects with ease! zSpace is accessible on its own screen or projectable on a wall or whiteboard, bringing 3D objects to life for anyone wearing the glasses. With a host of incredibly engaging applications and plenty of technical assistance, zSpace is guaranteed to completely transform education as you know it.


Kit Components:


  • -All-in-One PC with built-in zSpace Display
  • -Power Supply
  • -zSpace 3D Tracking Eyewear
  • -zSpace 2D Follower Glasses
  • -USB Keyboard
  • -USB Mouse
  • -Stylus