ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 Piano

Explore 5D technology and create beautiful sounds with intuitive movements on this revolutionary, touch-responsive surface. 

  • Redefine creative expression and mix portability with technology 
  • Translate tech-inspired dreams into melodically magnificent reality 
  • Fashion superb, student-shaped sounds with the swipe of a hand 
  • Catalyze innovation by fusing classic acoustics with modern electronics 
  • Inspire music-making with a truly harmonious tech-and-arts balance
Grades: 7-12

Perfectly tactile and responsive, ROLI’s Rise 25 Piano produces entirely new levels for creative and musical expression by combining the expressive depth of an acoustic instrument with the versatility of an electronic one. Its magic lies in its “Five Dimensions of Touch,” which allow musicians to create sounds in awesomely innovative and never-before-seen ways. Using their hands, kids can strike, slide, glide, press or lift – each action creates a different sound on the piano, resulting in an insanely interactive composing experience! The RISE 25 also features a 2-octave playing surface that perfectly combines the playability of a performance instrument with the portability of an MIDI controller! Build the songwriters of the future with awe-inspiring, powerful and user-friendly technology and start collecting those royalties soon!

MNF# ROL-000632
EAN 814773020000
Manufacturer Roli
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At just 23mm thick, the Rise 25 is as thin and portable as it is strong. Its anodized aluminum exterior makes the ROLI strong but light while its silicone keywave surface is custom engineered to give kids a firm yet easily maneuverable grip. A highly sensitive sensor board rests just beneath its surface, ensuring that even the tiniest of gestures are picked up and expressed as sounds. ROLI’s battery-powered and the first multi-dimensional controller to use MIDI over Bluetooth, eliminating the need for annoying wires and pesky problems! The keyboard’s battery lasts for up to eight hours and its latency doesn’t diminish when connect over Bluetooth versus a USB cable. ROLI’s ports let budding musicians plug it in to any computer, tablet or smartphone and connect to virtually any software instrument or hardware synthesizer, catapulting cutting-edge composition to the next level!