Stikbot Accessory Pack - Hair Styling

Foster tech-centered creativity through the tried-and-true tradition of stop-motion animation with a modern twist!


  • -Bolster student-centered, active play that inspires creativity and decision-making
  • -Encourage calculated planning and logical thought with room for spontaneity
  • -Develop creative thinking and storytelling skills through uniquely engaging play
  • -Promote cooperation and collaboration through the making and sharing of videos
  • -Spark a one-of-a-kind opportunity for kids to compose and display their own movies

Stikbot is a super-poseable, super-adaptable figure built with creative stop-motion animation in mind. Fantastic in the hands of budding filmmakers and storytellers, Stikbot gives your child the chance to feel what it’s like to record and edit their own films using robotic-like figures that fit in their hands. Stikbots are versatile enough to be anything kids want them to be – dragon-slaying knights, super-stealthy ninjas, rockin’-out musicians—you name it, they can be it! They’ll bring the most innovative animations in your kids’ imagination to life while providing creative children with a medium for expressing their ingenious ideas!

MNF# 90660
Manufacturer Hog Wild
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Stikbots are built to make stop-motion simple - they are incredibly simple figures that, when coupled with their free Stikbot Studios Android or iOS app, introduce young minds to the world of film-making and video editing. With the addition of a green screen or blue screen background, an ambitious storyteller can add scenery and special effects, all with the help of the easy-to-use app. With the addition of some sounds (the ones built in to the app or ones that kids can make themselves), students will be well on their way to directing their own awesome short films using stop-motion technology and Stikbots! Using the simple technology packed in the Stikbots app, kids can turn 100 photos into a mind-blowing 10-second film!


Kit Components


  • -Stikbot
  • -9 Hair Styles