The Construction Production Bundle (PK-K)

Spark one-step-ahead constructive creation and ignite bigger picture ideas in the classroom.


  • Build dynamic sets of STEM skills through systemically organized PBL 
  • Master modular making and shape an early physics foundation 
  • Expand problem-solving expertise and master early engineering 
  • Play your way to fine-tuning spatial, motor and problem-solving skills 
  • Shape innovative inventors through progressively pertinent projects


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Roominate Townhouse

Roominate combines engineering and design into a STEAM-focused quest to empower girls with technology. The School Bus kit encourages them to interactively investigate the process needed to construct objects small or large and helps build a foundation that will heighten their curiosity for years to come.


The meeperBOT is a LEGO-compatible, app-controlled tiny little robot that packs a pretty potent punch. Kids can design and construct LEGO creations and then mount them to the board of the meeperBOT, transcending typical robotics projects with customizable ways to bring LEGO to life.

Kid K'nex Transportation

With the Transportation Kit from K'nex, kids can design and build vehicles capable of crossing all sorts of terrain! Students can keep it simple and build ordinary car or let their invetion skills run wild by trying to construct mobile structures that roll and have a bunch of height, width, or weight - as long as their engineering holds up! 

KEVA Structures 200 Planks 

Introduce early learners to engineering in one of the simplest ways possible using this KEVA Planks set. Designed to unlock creative design and flawless engineering skills in kids, KEVA helps illustrate the importanace of having a sound system of engineering in place when undertaking any construction project. 

SAM Labs Curious Cars Kit

Combine design, engineering, and coding into one power-packed PBL experience with the Curious Cars Kit! Designed to cater to all areas of 21st century learning, this fun-filled toolbox enables kids to design a racetrack and control their cars through increasingly complex code combinations!


Bloxels combines engineering, coding, and video games into one interactive learning adventure! While referencing samples from actual video games, kids can use the Bloxels pieces to construct their own video game scenes and insert them directly into the game. After that, they can play their handmade games right away, giving them an up-close angle of what it means to be a coding champion! 


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 

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