The Supreme Green Team Bundle (Grades 9-12)

Combine top-notch tools to observe the outdoors and conquer STEAM-centered challenges with purposeful construction.


  • -Perfect the precise procurement of previously impossible pictures 
  • -Inspire next-level storytelling anchored by affordable tech advances 
  • -Experience purposeful construction and explore the Internet of Things 
  • -Harness lightning fast speed to power all kinds of crafty inventions 
  • -Dive deeper into the world of hands-on coding and computing


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VROne + Tray

Summon the first and only VR headset and its leading-edge optical design to immerse students directly in brand new worlds with endless opportunities for exploration. Bring learning alive and illustrate key concepts and visuals through a never-before-seen medium.

Micro Drone

Empower STEM to soar to new heights with a super smart drone that fits in the palm of your hand! Complete with an on-board camera that captures crisp pictures and video, the Micro Drone is an ideal introduction to unmanned aerial vehicles and perfect for high school classes. Using the Micro Drone, kids can learn the physics of drone travel, design their own flight plans, and report on real-time activity while acting as an eye in the sky!

Solar Deluxe Educational Kit

Shape tech-focused construction skills as students build a navigating rover or try their luck at creating another environmentally efficient project. Bring green-friendly learning and technology together to create a 21st century learning experience that will preserve our world until the 22nd century.

Eduporium Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

Burst into the world of DIY computing and create Pi-powered devices with this limited edition kit, custom crafted by Eduporium to enhance maker education. Spice up the school day with in-depth programming and maker activities and try DIY computing made possible by the innovative power of the brand new Raspberry Pi 3


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 

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