Teacher Collaboration Site

Any school, district, or school community can get their own private and secure space within Eduporium's platform. It's completely free and we assist you with set-up.

We encourage educators to evaluate and match EdTech tools to their specific needs. Our users can exchange insights on various ways of using tech in their schools - from customized curricula to professional development materials.

We, at Eduporium, use this information to gauge what works best and what does not. This knowledge helps us select and vet technology, which we offer, in turn to you.

Schools/District’s own stores

As a school admin, you can set up one or several stores for your organization and populate them with products you select. For example – a store for elementary, middle and high school, a store for your parents, or may be – an everything Chromebook store?

Technology Wish-Lists

If you are a math teacher and you want all your 7th graders to get that math software for next semester, or you are an IT manager who needs to make sure all your users have the same version of anti-virus – set up your wish lists and mail them to your users or students. You can create and manage multiple lists, name them, and track their distribution.

Evaluate and share information on technology

read and post articles, lesson plans, activities, or blog post; share only with your school, district, specific group of users, or make it public. Select activities and technology products by specific educational standards, or STEM education components.