About Eduporium

Eduporium is a fast-moving Educational Technology start-up on a mission to enhance the meaningful use of STEM technology in education. We work directly with schools, districts, and educational organizations to provide customized educational technology solutions that enhance experiential learning and help students develop crucial 21st century skills. Cooperative partnerships with EdTech, Makerspace, and Technology companies enable us to expand access to STEAM technologies, increase affordability of EdTech tools, and allow us to customize EdTech bundles to fit specific school and educator needs. Our services include educational discounts, customizable EdTech bundles, Professional Development, Training, and a Grant Program –all of which are designed to inspire lifelong STEAM learning for our educators and future generations in the classroom!

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The Eduporium team is a vibrant group of former educators, technology natives, and professionals committed to advancing the meaningful use of productive technologies in education. We come from a variety of different countries and backgrounds and each provide a unique perspective when it comes to carrying out our mission of Empowering the Future with Technology. With a passion for ensuring access, equity, and innovation in the education experience of every student, our team works tirelessly to research, vet, and provide classroom teachers and district leaders with educational technologies that accelerate 21st century learning.


Picture of Rick Fredkin

Rick Fredkin
President and CEO

Picture of Dmitri Yakovlev

Dmitri Yakovlev
Chief Operating Officer

 Picture of Irina Tuule

Irina Tuule
Chief Strategy Officer

Picture of Ahmed Shareb

Ahmed Shareb
Marketing Research Analyst

Picture of Rich Zhang

Rich Zhang
Head of Operations

Picture of Andy Larmand

Andy Larmand
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Picture of Jane Fine

Jane Fine
Director: School Relations, ESA, and Strategic Alliances

Picture of Palo Peirce

Palo Peirce
Director of Sales

Picture of Khat Whiting

Khat Whiting
Promotional Artist

Picture of Laura Kennedy

Laura Kennedy
Customer Success Associate

Picture of Thadd Palmer

Thadd Palmer
Sales Manager

Picture of Anna Orientale

Anna Orientale
Product Manager

Picture of Kaeli Halbersleben

Kaeli Halbersleben
Operations Associate