About Eduporium

We started Eduporium with the belief that technology can truly, effectively help children learn and grow. No, we’re not encouraging children to spend more time texting or taking selfies on their smartphones—we’re talking about productive, meaningful technology that can unlock their imagination and engage their problem-solving skills. We’re talking about using open-source microcontrollers to help children learn to program, or challenging kids to design and create their own toys through 3D printers. The possibilities are boundless—we have the technology today to really make a positive impact on our children and push them toward a successful future.

We are the place where children, technology, and community intersect. A platform on which to showcase the latest and most cutting-edge technology in education. A gathering point for parents, teachers, and innovators. A space where we can all work together so that every child has access to meaningful technology and no child is forgotten. Come join us, and be part of Eduporium! Learn more about Eduporium...

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Eduporium has a vibrant crew of enthusiastic fellows complementing each other and creating a unique atmosphere of synergy and inventiveness.  Coming from diverse perspectives and paths in life, every member of the team shares the same passion for the things we do and appreciates the strengths and talents of others.


Rick Fredkin
President and CEO

Dmitri Yakovlev
Chief Operating Officer

Irina Tuule
Chief Strategy Officer

Ahmed Shareb
Marketing Research Analyst

Summer Che
Operations Manager

Andy Larmand
Research and Social Media Coordinator

Jane Fine
School Relations

Palo Peirce
Sales Director

Khat Whiting
Graphic Artist

Kexin Liu Operations and Financial Analyst

Thadd Palmer Sales Manager

Anna Orientale Research and Content Specialist

Nader Salem Vendor Relations and Product Manager

Christina Bianco Sales and Marketing