littleBits Code Kit Classroom Bundle

This fun and creative intro to coding bundle is designed to get groups of 20-30 students comfortable with building and programming with littleBits! Perfect for grades 3 through 8, the Code Kit Classroom Bundle makes it easy to integrate science, technology, engineering, art, math and computer science activities into your curriculum in an engaging way that maps to NGSS and Computer Science state standards. This pack includes 10 Code Kits and four free littleBits tackle boxes for easy storage. Key features include:

  • Fully modular system including 160 Bits and 300 accessories for endless creative problem-solving and invention building
  • FREE Code Kit App with drag and drop Blockly code, and a Javascript view to bring littleBits circuits to life via the Code Kit App
  • Instructional videos and guides to teach fundamental programming concepts: inputs & outputs, loops, logic, variables, and functions through coding games.

Grades: 3-8


With an eye for innovation, the littleBits Code Kit guides students in Grades 3-8 as they explore coding fundamentals and helps them master the skills to break out and invent on their own! It uses fun as the fuel for igniting imagination as kids can craft the circuits and then create the code to get them functioning, adding an important element of interactivity to their education. Inside the kit, students will find comprehensive instructions for completing four different coding endeavors and devices they can control with the Code Kit app. To become the master coders of tomorrow, kids need to start experiencing the real thing. As they drag and drop code blocks and see the results jump from the screen to the real world, they’ll position themselves to take on anything with the prolific programming skills they will build!

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