littleBits Online Fundamentals Self-Guided Course

In this self-guided, online course, you will learn how to bring the littleBits Invention Cycle into the classroom. Through five self-paced, hands-on sessions, you will gain an understanding of how to use littleBits to develop students real-world, 21st century skills across a variety of subjects. Through creative design exploration and project-based learning, these challenges will foster curiosity for learning in any subject.


littleBits STEAM PD is a course for teachers and administrators looking for instruction on how to add fun, hands-on STEAM learning to their 3rd–8th grade curriculum. Experienced STEAM educators and newbies will walk away with the tools to create lessons that are customized for their students and engage them in collaboration and problem solving.


  • RELEVANT. Clear lessons and examples keep you engaged throughout the program and help you see how to integrate STEAM into your curriculum.
  • HANDS-ON. Teachers experience STEAM for themselves to gain knowledge and skills that increase their comfort level.
  • INTERACTIVE. Quizzes and cheat sheets help educators reflect on their learnings to customize and implement STEAM lessons.
  • SELF-PACED. Complete six hours of self-paced online instruction with 24/7 access over 90 days.
  • CERTIFICATION. Receive a PDU (Professional Development Unit) certificate upon completion.


  1. Familiarize yourself with basic STEAM concepts and teaching methods.
  2. Explore littleBits circuits and using Bits as an invention tool.
  3. Discover how the littleBits Invention Cycle facilitates learning.
  4. Learn how to organize and implement STEAM into the classroom.
  5. How to design your own fun, engaging and enlightening lesson plans.
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