Tech Affordability

Tech Affordability

Profit Sharing

Your school can participate in our profit-sharing program. A portion of the revenue generated by your school community (families, faculty, and staff) through Eduporium's e-store will be given back to your school. Use this program as a year-around fundraising vehicle, help your school acquire technology, and do a good deed for your school community.

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Academic Discounts

Markdowns as much as 85% - for students, families and teachers. We have made the qualification process straight-forward and easy.

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Educational Technology Grant

Eduporium awards one grant every quarter to educational institutions hoping to start a technology initiative in their classrooms or libraries. Each grant beneficiary will receive products worth around $250 to move their projects along, in addition to exposure through Eduporium's marketing channels. Interested applicants submit a proposal that states the type of products they are looking for and how they will use them to advance learning.

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Young Inventor’s Discount

We help those kids who are trying to change the world. Are you one of them? Write to us! Tell us your story!

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