Discover Drones Classroom Pack

Discover Drones is more than just fun and flying - it's a platform for STEM. Dive deep into the systems and theory that make drones work. Students build and configure their drones while exploring the mechanical, electrical, material, and physical sciences.

The Discover Drones Classroom Pack includes five drones, two pairs of FPV goggles, two radio controllers, and all necessary components to get you flying!

Grades: 7+


While drones continue to evolve, so do modern teaching practices. The Discover Drones Classroom Pack is designed to give kids an exhilarating opportunity to experience everything that goes into successfully using these machines. Starting from assembling the drone themselves, students will learn key concepts, including drone ethics, drone behavior, radio communication, flight safety, flying regulations, and more with PCS’ full-scale STEM curriculum! The modular, open-source drone and cutting-edge curriculum is your best bet for preparing students for a future filled with UAV’s and tons of brand new careers. They’ll learn to work independently, problem solve, and leverage personalized quizzes to bolster their knowledge. Students can even use a training simulator to practice flying before taking to the skies and capturing some stunning aerial photography themselves! Discover Drones aligns with NGSS standards and includes support, curricular ideas, and project guides for teachers.

With Discover Drones, students in any learning environment can experience drone technology first-hand. Starting with lessons in engineering and technology, students begin by building RubiQ, a modular, open-source training drone. After learning the safety regulations and procedures surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles, they’ll then start with the basics of flight, first becoming comfortable on a training simulator before moving to line-of-sight piloting. After mastering RubiQ’s controls, it’s time for students to don their First-Person View (FPV) goggles, experiencing first-hand what STEM at 75 MPH is like!

Discover Drones utilizes the PCS Edventures cutting-edge curriculum, LABCards. The LABCard approach is intended to provide a tool that enables a more student-directed experience. Educators are empowered to provide more facilitation, coaching and mentoring as students work independently. To keep interest piqued, each card includes a mix of different activities for you to go back and forth from. From whole group discussions and time for teams to work together on their drone to individual quizzes and flight simulator practice, every LABCard is unique, engaging and fun!

Coupled with hands-on, experiential learning, Discover Drones also utilizes the online educational app, Droneology, which is a fast-paced, interactive online course that prepares pilots of all skill levels for safe and responsible drone entertainment. Droneology covers topics of safety, laws and regulations, flight basics, and the many uses of drones! This digital course is optimized for use on mobile devices, allowing easy access from phones, tablets, or computers, anytime, anywhere.

From learning to piece RubiQ together to making death-defying aerial maneuvers, Discover Drones is a trailblazing educational tool for your learning environment. Preparing students for the future of UAV’s and careers that haven’t even been invented, it’s time to take flight.

Students: Up to 25

Contact Hours: 30+

Kit Components:

  • 5 RubiQ Drones
    • Each RubiQ features an FPV camera, GPS, built-in accelerometer, barometer, compass, brushless 2200KV motors with built-in ESC, and a programmable RGB LED board
  • All parts and tools needed for assembly
  • 2 spare replacement motors per RubiQ drone (NEW for 2019!)
  • 2 radio controllers with ability to tether
  • 2 sets of FPV goggles
  • 25 pairs of safety glasses
  • 100 licenses for PCS' drone pilot certification course, Droneology
  • 25 controllers for flight simulator
  • 25 licenses for the flight simulator software, FPV FreeRider
  • 4 LiPo-safe storage bags for batteries 
  • 10 LiPo batteries (2200 mAh 35C 3S) 
  • 4 LiPo battery chargers with balance, charge, discharge, and storage functions
  • Compartmentalized storage bins with lids
  • Drone Educator Guide
  • 5 sets of Discover Drones LABCard curriculum (20-card set)
  • 5 sets of step-by-step drone building instructions
  • 5 expanding folders to hold all curriculum pages

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