Kid Spark - Engineering Pathways Mobile STEM Lab

The Engineering Pathways STEM Lab supports elementary (3-5) and middle school (6-8) programs and a broad range of technologies and curriculum. More than a one-time-use STEM kit, these carefully curated materials are designed to support your students throughout their learning. The materials are organized and unintimidating and the large-scale elements allow for collaborative learning. As your students progress through the STEM lessons, they learn about mechanisms and movement, applied mathematics, programmable robotics, computational thinking, simple and compound machines, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing. Students drive their own learning through hands-on design and engineering challenges by defining problems, asking questions, and challenging their own thinking to learn through iteration.

Grades: 3-8


This lab features two robotic platforms. The easy-to-use remote control Maker ROK-Bot requires no programming and makes the study of motorized mechanisms and machines easy and fun. The programmable ROKduino introduces students to coding, sensors, motors, and autonomous robotic design. Students with little to no coding experience can start with simple and intuitive drag-and-drop block coding, then transition to text-based coding.

Resources for this lab include access to the Kid Spark curriculum and professional learning library, teacher lessons plans, student curriculum packets and workbooks, ready-made program sketches, and a digital 3D parts library.

  • The Kid Spark STEM curriculum follows the NGSS Three Dimensions of Science Learning: Crosscutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices, and Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • One lab serves 4 students
  • Up to 2 labs can be stacked on a single rolling base
  • Ideal for introducing students to computer science and robotics as well as teaching systems thinking
  • STEM concepts are all around us - Why do we roll a heavy load up a ramp instead of climbing stairs? How does a fragile looking construction crane lift heavy loads to build a skyscraper? How can we lift a car with a tiny screw jack to change a tire? The STEM lessons and design projects in the Engineering Pathways lab give students deep insight into how the man-made world works.

Two types of robots: How do you get kids excited about robotics and computer science? Start with a remote. The Engineering Pathways Lab contains an easy-to-use, remote-controlled robot that makes it fun to study motorized mechanisms and machines. The programmable ROKduino introduces students to coding, sensors, and autonomous robotic design.

Rapid prototyping and 3D printing: Students are fascinated by the ability of a 3D printer to rapidly manufacture prototype parts, but it can be tough for teachers to find meaningful CAD/rapid prototyping projects that also fit busy class schedules. With Kid Spark, students are able to complete projects quickly and get a feel for how real product engineering is done. Includes access to an online 3D library.

Systems design: Students may not recognize it immediately but our modern world is full of highly integrated systems. For example, a smartphone isn't a single object; it’s an integrated system of cameras, radio systems, a computer and display, and hundreds of components. The Engineering Pathways STEM Lab is more than a simple STEM kit—it gives students perspective on how multiple technologies are used together to achieve the desired result.

Applications in Design & Engineering:

  • Kid Spark Basics
  • Simple Machines
  • Compound Machines

Systems of Technology:

  • Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing (Available Mid 2019)
  • Robotics & Coding 101
  • Robotics & Coding - Sensor Deep Dive
  • Integrated Engineering Challenges 
  • Advanced Engineering Challenges (Available Late 2019)

STEM Fundamentals:

  • Mechanisms & Movement
  • Applied Mathematics 
  • Robotics 101
  • Robotics - Exploring Sensors

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