Kid Spark - Young Engineers Mobile STEM Lab

The Young Engineers Mobile STEM Lab can be paired with the ROK Blocks Lab for the Elementary School (PK-5) STEM Program. This combo supports additional mechanical and structural engineering while deferring programmable robotics coding to middle school.

Grades: 3-6


The Young Engineers Lab goes beyond a one-time-use STEM kit. It supports regular, ongoing, and deep exploration of engineering and robotics all without requiring a computer or any programming. Lessons introduce students to the design and engineering cycle, the six simple machines, mechanisms, mechanical structural engineering, applied mathematics, CAD and 3D printing, and robotic movement. These lessons build students’ confidence to practice engineering concepts while preparing them for future studies of programmable robotic systems.

Resources for this lab include access to the Kid Spark STEM curriculum and online teacher STEM learning library, teacher lesson plans, student curriculum packets and workbooks, and a digital 3D parts library.

  • The Kid Spark curriculum follows the NGSS Three Dimensions of Science Learning: Crosscutting Concepts, Science and Engineering Practices, and Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • One STEM lab serves 4 students
  • Up to 2 STEM kits can be stacked on a single rolling base
  • Ideal for extending an elementary engineering program to explore remote control robotics, movement, simple & compound machines without introducing coding

STEM concepts are all around us: Why do we roll a heavy load up a ramp instead of climbing stairs? How does a fragile looking construction crane lift heavy loads to build a skyscraper? How can we lift a car with a tiny screw jack to change a tire? The STEM lessons and design projects in the Young Engineers Lab give students deep insight into how the manufactured world works.

Remote control robotics and compound machines: How do you get kids excited about robotics and computer science? Start with a remote. The Engineering Pathways Lab contains an easy-to-use, remote-controlled robot that makes it fun to study motorized mechanisms and machines. The programmable ROKduino introduces students to coding, sensors, and autonomous robotic design.

The ROK Reactor Challenge: This fast-paced challenge puts students' design and engineering skills to the test. Using their knowledge of simple machines, they work in small teams to race against the clock to create custom compound machines. The challenge promotes creative thinking, problem-solving, innovation and invention, and an applied learning experience for all STEM program students.

Applications in Design & Engineering:

  • Kid Spark Basics 
  • Simple Machines
  • Compound Machines

Systems of Technology:

  • Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing (Available Mid 2019)

STEM Fundamentals:

  • Mechanisms & Movement
  • Applied Mathematics 

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