Mayku FormBox

The FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that can turn your classroom into a creative powerhouse! 

The FormBox can make molds in seconds, empowering students to bring their ideas to reality. Introduce vacuum forming, hands-on STEAM learning, product design, and manufacturing methods. A perfect addition to any makerspace or innovation lab!

Grades: 3+


Bring 3D forming into the classroom and empower children to create on their terms. Inspire the next generation and help build a future with people who are empowered to create not just consume. Foster independent learning through making. The FormBox puts the power of making in the hands of your students. Small enough to fit on a desktop - simple enough for them to use without your help. FormBox helps you bring complex ideas to life in minutes. Teach STEM through an engaging, hands-on experience!

Take your class' making skills to the next level. Students can experiment with their designs using everything from chocolate to Jesmonite and concrete to jello! Combined with included access to Mayku Teach, Mayku’s online library of 70+ projects, you’ll be able to get kids engaged straight out of the box.

  1. Create3D print, sculpt, or find your shape and place it on the FormBox bed.
  2. FormThe FormBox forms a sheet of material around your shape - creating a mold in seconds.
  3. MultiplyFill your mold with dozens of materials from chocolate to resin, plaster, and even concrete.
  4. ShareTake it out and bring your first collection of products to life!
Key Benefits:
  • Give your classroom superpowers: The team at Mayku believes students, teachers, and creators should have the power to make incredible things right from their desk. Packing industrial strength into a small space, the FormBox is a powerful, portable learning tool.

  • Bring STEAM subjects to life: Foster direct, creative engagement in STEAM curricula and allow cost-effective exploration of product design, technology, manufacturing, business concepts, and beyond.

  • Turbocharge your 3D printer: Help little inventors pioneer the future of desktop manufacturing. Pair the FormBox with a 3D printer to create multiples in minutes.

  • Kid-friendly and easy to use: The FormBox allows students to create simple forms from everyday items, such as potatoes or plasticine. The FormBox is certified for kids aged 8 and up under adult supervision. Kids 12 and over can use it without an adult. So, you’ll be able to keep them engaged for hours without worrying about health and safety.

  • Everything you need to get started: The FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, casting materials, and three project templates to use in the classroom. Includes access to Mayku Teach, Mayku’s online library of 70+ projects for more guided teaching and learning.

Kit Components:

  • 1 FormBox Machine 
    • Power Supply & Vacuum Connection Tube
  • Multiple Instructional Guides - Quick Start Manual, Casting Guide, Form Guide
  • Starter Kit including 3 templates
  • 20 Mayku Cast Sheets
  • 20 Mayku Form Sheets                  
  • 1 kg of Mayku Pour
    • 2 Sizes of measuring cups for casting 
    • Casting materials
  • Free lifetime access to the Mayku Teach Library
  • Unlimited access to the Mayku expert team of maker coaches
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty 

Vacuum not included. Vacuum connection tube will work with any vacuum cleaner with a cord under 2,000 watts. Even if your vacuum adapter is on an angle and doesn't look like it should fit, it will! Just push it in so it's nice and snug. 

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