Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit (12 Bots)

STEAM made simple with 12 Evo robots, tons of educator tools, and two ways to code!

The Evo Classroom Kit comes with 12 Evo robots, accessories, and 1 Ozobot Classroom license. K-12 students can code Evo two ways: screen-free with Color Code markers and online with OzoBlockly visual programming. Ozobot Classroom software unlocks teacher training, lesson library access, and real-time information about student engagement for both online and offline student activity.

    Grades: K-12


    The Ozobot Evo Classroom Kit helps usher in brand-new, in-depth learning experiences and utilizes the pint-sized robot to encourage groups of students to get creative with visual coding they can touch. It comes fully stocked with 12 Evo's, 12 sets of color code markers, lessons, and more, making this a must-have kit for STEM teachers! Using Ozobot Evo, kids can collaboratively build skills they can apply in the real world – most notably coding. Evo is capable of autonomous navigation, but can also be programmed using OzoBlockly and a connected device, perfect for engagement-filled group work. With a range of useful features, Ozobot Evo is primed to position kids to get comfortable with the introductory elements of coding, innovative problem solving, and interactive exploration. Students can even use Evo’s Bluetooth capability to communicate with their friends, send their own custom “Ozojis,” and combine their bots’ programs to race, play games, and code their way to STEAM success!

    The license code is included in the packaging and supports up to 5 teacher accounts, with multiple classes per account. The communicator can only be used with one account at a time. If more than 5 accounts are needed, another communicator is needed.  

    Kit Components:

    • 12 Ozobot Evo robots
    • Ozobot Classroom lifetime license code
    • Bot Camp training for Educators
    • 12 Color Code marker sets
    • Charging & storage base
    • Ozobot poster & stickers
    • Classroom Kit bin
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