Ozobot Evo Educator Entry Kit

STEAM Made Simple -- Discover a solution to bring coding and creativity to your classroom. Teach yourself to code Evo in two ways: Online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with color codes. OzoBlockly, powered by Google's Blockly programming language, has five skill levels for beginners to master coding. Color codes, created with markers on paper, teach basic STEAM skills, critical thinking, and debugging. Will be compatible with Ozobot Classroom.

Includes: 1 Evo robot, Educator Bot Camp, 1 charging cable, 4 color code markers, and access to 150+ free STEAM lessons. 

Grades: K-12


Ozobot Evo uses twin micro-motors and a friction drivetrain design to deliver movement that’s both quiet and precise. This model comes with powerful sensors that aid in color and line detection as well as an infrared proximity sensor to enable independent navigation. Kids can control Ozobot Evo with a connected device and the Ozobot Evo app thanks to its Bluetooth capability, or let it drive autonomously on a path they create. Evo also comes with expressive LED lights and sounds, making feedback quick and easy to understand. Evo’s built-in LiPo battery (charged with a micro USB) refuels quickly and delivers over an hour of play on a single charge. Compatible with iOS and Android, Ozobot Evo has staked its claim as the smartest social robot around!

Kit Components:

  • 1 Evo Robot
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 4 Color Code Markers
  • 1 Educator Bot Camp
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