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  1. Rising Resources | CoSpaces Edu

    Rising Resources | CoSpaces Edu
    Besides creating VR content, students can also use CoSpaces to practice coding. Within the platform, they can access a Blockly editor for drag-and-drop programming practice. Named CoBlocks, this visual language is easy for beginners and, as students get better at creating programs, they can move on to scripting languages.
  2. Rising Resources | HistoryMaker VR

    Rising Resources | HistoryMaker VR
    History might not be the favorite subject of some students, but combining it with learning experiences in VR could help make it more intriguing! There are a lot of virtual reality-based learning tools available to educators now and, in this latest Rising Recourses post, we’re going to tell you about another one that's called HistoryMaker VR.
  3. Rising Resources | StrongMinded SEL

    Rising Resources | StrongMinded SEL
    The importance of SEL is highly touted and many educational leaders have created positions within their schools or districts to ensure that all students are appropriately managing and processing their emotions. So, for this week’s Rising Resources post, we decided to take a look at an online social-emotional learning resource known as StrongMinded.
  4. Rising Resources | Flippity Flashcards

    Rising Resources | Flippity Flashcards
    Flippity is an online tool teachers can use to easily turn a Google spreadsheet into a set of online flashcards and other useful tools. Whether you’re in need of some flashcards to help students study, want to turn content into a game show studying tool hybrid, or even help kids learn through board games.
  5. Rising Resources | Planboard for Teachers

    Rising Resources | Planboard for Teachers
    There are so many different web tools and learning management systems and it’s really all about figuring out what works in your situation and being able to get into a routine. So, for this week’s Rising Resources post, we thought we’d explore a tool that can help teachers save some time and maximize planning. Keep reading to learn more about Planboard.
  6. Rising Resources | Quizlet Live Assessment Game

    Rising Resources | Quizlet Live Assessment Game
    Quizlet Live is a collaborative classroom game that students can play together from their own devices. They can use the platform while together in the same classroom or studying from home -- perfect for those who are involved in hybrid and remote learning this school year -- as they work together to better ensure mastery of key content.
  7. Rising Resources | KidCitizen

    washington dc kid citizen

    Keeping up with the news and gaining a better understanding of their rights and political processes is always important for children (and for all of us, really). It’s perhaps even more important in an election year and a time in which so much is happening around our country. So, for this week’s Rising Resources post, we were excited to explore the KidCitizen website! KidCitizen is an online resource with which children can watch videos and episodes about political events, news, and history. It’s designed to help them become more informed and interested in political happenings as well as how they can share their voice! Keep reading to learn more about KidCitizen and how it can be used in education! 

  8. Rising Resources | ideamapper for Mind Mapping

    Rising Resources | ideamapper for Mind Mapping
    A tool built to increase student productivity and retention, ideamapper essentially serves as a visual mind mapping tool that combines mind mapping with word processing. It’s designed to help students establish visual connections among the most important concepts and pieces of information they need to know in all areas of the curriculum.
  9. Rising Resources | HSEL

    HSEL logo

    With the incredibly quick rise in popularity for esports, we’ve taken notice of how it can provide great value in high schools and colleges. We recently released an esports white paper in which we detailed the benefits of esports competition, how to start a school program, and even some of the gaming technology that’s worth using. This week, as part of our Rising Resources series, we thought we’d take a look at the High School Esports League. Now helping promote and implement esports around the world, the HSEL is a great resource for tech directors or athletic directors to investigate if they’re thinking about how to start a program! Keep reading to learn more about it!

  10. Rising Resources | Edublogs

    edublogs logo

    Typically, we gravitate more towards EdTech tools that allow for more STEM-related student experiences, but, this week, we’re going a bit off of our normal course. In this Rising Resources post, we’re taking a look at Edublogs, an online platform students can use to practice some key real-world skills in writing, blogging, and written communication. Often thought of as more of a soft skill, communication is nonetheless extremely important in the workforce of both today and tomorrow. With services and systems designed for use in education, keep reading to see what makes Edublogs a valuable teaching and learning tool! 

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