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  1. How to Bring More STEM to Remote Learning in 2021

    How to Bring More STEM to Remote Learning in 2021
    We understand that there is more on the plates of educators than ever before, but we also realize that teaching STEM skills and subjects is still continuing in many cases. For that reason, we’re happy to extend the expertise of the Eduporium team and offer consultation for any STEM teacher, tech specialist, or other faculty member who might benefit.
  2. Eduporium Weekly | STEM Kits with Curriculum

    Eduporium Weekly | STEM Kits with Curriculum
    Educators are often looking for STEM or robotics kits with curriculum. Since there are typically so many possibilities when it comes to open-ended invention and exploration with STEAM tools, it can sometimes be tough to narrow down the most helpful projects. With these STEAM solutions, teachers can find curricular connections and reliable projects.
  3. Tips & Tricks | 3Doodler Build & Play

    Tips & Tricks | 3Doodler Build & Play
    With the 3Doodler Build & Play, inventing for young students has become possible. Its own take on 3Doodler’s classic 3D printing pens, the Build & Play is a simplified machine that kids as young as four years old can use to create three-dimensional objects in any learning environment. Read on to learn more about using it with Pre-K and kindergarten students!
  4. Makerspace in the Classroom: How we Can Help you Start

    If you’re looking for makerspace ideas for libraries in elementary school, high-tech high school fab labs, or just a way to repurpose some old materials, it helps knowing how to get started. There’s no specific formula for how to make a makerspace, but over the years, we’ve become increasingly in tune with what educators are looking for in terms of both MakerEd technologies and implementation guidance. While it’s great to incorporate some of the more powerful options for makerspace technology, we know that maximizing your budget is also a huge factor and, with that in mind, our team has become adept at assisting educators in finding, attaining, and maximizing their makerspace wish lists – and we’d love to help you launch a new makerspace or redesign the innovation area currently in your school.

  5. Eduporium Experiment | littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack + FUSE

    Eduporium Experiment | littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack + FUSE
    As a class pack, it’s built to support an entire class of students in STEAM and MakerEd activities. Students can easily store and transport the materials using the carrying cases and getting started with building projects is a piece of cake. The kit also comes with printed teacher materials and the lesson guides so students can work independently.
  6. Reinventing STEAM Education and Fighting COVID19 with LulzBot

    3D printed face shields

    Finding a way to keep STEM learning and the maker spirit alive has been challenging for educators as they’ve spent the last few months dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. When schools first started to shut down, we saw how STEM and MakerEd really began to take a back seat in favor of more traditional educational requirements as teachers tried to find a rhythm in remote learning. At the same time, however, we – and plenty of others – knew just how important and beneficial STEM learning could continue to be despite the enormous challenge of finding time to teach it and finding a way to make it hands-on, which was nearly impossible. With the help of one of our partners, however, and the commitment from a group of educators we work with, one STEM project was born because of – and despite – the rapidly spreading pandemic last spring. 

  7. Eduporium Featured Educator: April Leonard

    Eduporium Featured Educator: April Leonard
    In our newest Eduporium Featured Educator interview, we hear from April Leonard, who serves the students of the Mississippi Heights Elementary school in the Sauk Rapids-Rice School District. She’s done a lot with coding, including using the Dash and Dot and LEGO WeDo with goals of welcoming 1,000 students to a common makerspace in the future. 
  8. New on the Eduporium Store: The Glowforge 3D Laser Printer

    Students and makers can use Glowforge 3D laser printer to make three-dimensional objects out of digital designs. They can download or create their own design and the laser will cut and engrave the design for custom prints every time. The printers are compatible with Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, or tablets and include easy design features.
  9. Eduporium Featured Educator: Christine Dixon

    Eduporium Featured Educator: Christine Dixon
    Christine works with students at the Double Peak K-8 School in the San Marcos USD in California. As an Innovation TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment), Christine helps facilitate hands-on learning for her students using robotics, 3D printing, circuitry, and other STEAM tools and she’s always finding new ways to help students build problem-solving skills.
  10. Ideas for Homeschool Learning from the Creative Minds at Tech Will Save Us

    The team at Tech Will Save Us has created a unique line of STEAM learning tools – kits students can use to learn about a lot of different aspects of STEAM education. From conductivity and circuitry to coding and sewing, their increasing variety of options provides something for students with various interests to design and construct projects at school or at home. We have been partners for a few years and their unique kits, like the Thirsty Plant Kit, Electro Dough Kit, and DIY Synth Kit, were the first ones we offered on our store. It now includes their newer kits, which add exciting elements to hands-on STEAM learning and we’re also excited to share one of their latest blogs, Staying Home and Homeschooling Tips from Tech Will Save Us Parents!

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