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  1. Tips & Tricks | DJI Tello EDU Drone

    Tips & Tricks | DJI Tello EDU Drone
    The drone is incredibly compact and the packs include accessories for flying it in different environments. Students can use the Tello EDU app to create programs or try the Tello app for additional STEM learning opportunities. Once paired with a device through the Tello EDU app, students can also easily control it using the on-screen joystick.
  2. Tips & Tricks | Dash Robot Simulator

    Tips & Tricks | Dash Robot Simulator
    The highly useful virtual Dash Robot Simulator from Wonder Workshop is easily accessible through Class Connect and continues to help teachers deliver STEM instruction remotely. Read through to learn some of the most relevant Tips and Tricks for getting started with virtual coding for elementary or middle school students.
  3. Tips & Tricks | BirdBrain's Finch Robot 2.0

    Tips & Tricks | BirdBrain's Finch Robot 2.0
    The new Finch 2.0 robot has started shipping and educators can now explore the various ways of adding it to STEAM and makerspace lessons.With six modes of programming and processing power from the micro:bit, the Finch 2.0 makes a great K-12 coding option for computer science students! Keep reading for more important hints.
  4. Tips & Tricks | MakerBot METHOD

    Tips & Tricks | MakerBot METHOD
    Like most 3D printers, the METHOD melts materials and extrudes them onto the build plate in very thin lines, going layer by layer to create the object. The METHOD, specifically, is equipped with a heated build chamber that allows for the printed material to cool slowly – a process known as fused deposition modeling. Head inside to learn more.
  5. Tips & Tricks | 3Doodler Build & Play

    Tips & Tricks | 3Doodler Build & Play
    With the 3Doodler Build & Play, inventing for young students has become possible. Its own take on 3Doodler’s classic 3D printing pens, the Build & Play is a simplified machine that kids as young as four years old can use to create three-dimensional objects in any learning environment. Read on to learn more about using it with Pre-K and kindergarten students!
  6. Tips & Tricks | Ozobot Classroom Software

    Tips & Tricks | Ozobot Classroom Software
    The platform simplifies class setup by making it easy for teachers to assign lessons and a robot to each student or group while also providing them with insights on student progress (or difficulties). Especially when teachers may not be with students every day, the software can help illuminate student struggles as teachers provide solutions.
  7. Tips & Tricks | littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack

    Tips & Tricks | littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack
    The littleBits STEAM+ Class Pack supports up to 30 students with screen-free activities, purposefully selected Bits, and cross-curricular lessons. It includes tons of Bits and 10 carrying cases to help educators maximize STEAM learning and facilitate student creativity in any educational environment.
  8. Tips & Tricks | MakerBot CloudPrint

    Tips & Tricks | MakerBot CloudPrint
    The newest MakerBot 3D printer, the MakerBot METHOD, is a powerful STEAM tool that students can use to create 3D objects, but pairing it with the MakerBot Cloud software makes it much more valuable. Using MakerBot CloudPrint, students can collaborate and 3D print objects from anywhere, including their homes needing only an Internet connection.
  9. Tips & Tricks | Skoog Instrument 2.0

    Tips & Tricks | Skoog Instrument 2.0
    The Skoog helps create a completely tactile experience and the sounds that students make can be produced by how they touch the various sides of this cube-shaped structure. It’s soft and somewhat squishy, mimicking the top of a drum in how it feels to the touch, but the Skoog helps create learning experiences that are so much more engaging
  10. Tips & Tricks | MakerBot SKETCH Classroom

    Tips & Tricks | MakerBot SKETCH Classroom
    The SKETCH is the newest 3D printer from MakerBot and one that includes a lot of helpful features for students and teachers. It’s compact in size and comes with access to MakerBot Cloud, MakerBot certification licenses, and lesson plan ideas for teachers. It’s the MakerBot Cloud platform, however, that helps make this printer extra valuable.

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