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  1. Tips & Tricks | DJI Tello EDU Drone

    Tips & Tricks | DJI Tello EDU Drone
    The drone is incredibly compact and the packs include accessories for flying it in different environments. Students can use the Tello EDU app to create programs or try the Tello app for additional STEM learning opportunities. Once paired with a device through the Tello EDU app, students can also easily control it using the on-screen joystick.
  2. EdTech Grant for December Awarded to Mary Bonnetty

    EdTech Grant for December Awarded to Mary Bonnetty
    We’re happy to announce that we have awarded our final EdTech grant of 2020 to Mary Bonnetty, an elementary teacher from Honolulu, Hawaii! Mary teaches at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Elementary School and has made a huge impact on the STEM offerings her students get to experience whether learning in-person or remotely.
  3. Eduporium Experiment | DroneBlocks Memberships

    Eduporium Experiment | DroneBlocks Memberships
    Teaching students about drones, their uses, and how to pilot them is amazing in its own right. When you incorporate the fact that some drones, like the Tello EDU, are programmable, then it takes drone education to a whole new level and the DroneBlocks professional learning content is a great way to get started.
  4. Eduporium Experiment | Tello EDU Drone Pt. 2

    What’s more fun than flying a drone in the sky and programming it to do flips and rolls? DJI’s Tello EDU is the perfect drone for the classroom, allowing students to engage in hands-on flying and learn coding at the same time. This small, lightweight drone has been designed to seamlessly integrate with classroom learning since it can be flown both inside and outside, though it’s ideal for indoor use. While the Tello EDU can also be controlled using the main Tello app, we tested out the Tello EDU app and explored how students would use the drone in the classroom and control its movements with block coding

  5. Tips & Tricks | DroneBlocks

    Tips & Tricks | DroneBlocks

    With DroneBlocks, STEM educators can build on student interest in flying drones and take it one step further with drones they can program! DroneBlocks is a free app that is compatible with Chrome, iPad, and Android devices and supports teaching coding with the DJI Phantom 3 and 4, Mavic Pro and Air, Spark, Tello, and Tello EDU drones. It’s a fun way to introduce or continue to teach programming concepts along with drone safety and flying techniques. The DroneBlocks app is very valuable in educational settings since it is supported by curriculum that teaches beginner and advanced drone programming with DroneBlocks and in Python, as well as virtual PD to train teachers on using the curriculum and the app. 

  6. Eduporium Weekly | Exploring the Features of the Tello EDU Drone

    Within the last couple of months, we’ve been able to take our partnership with DJI further by adding their new Tello EDU drone to our store. This compact drone is designed specifically for use in education and combines elements of both piloting and programming. Students can use two different apps to create simple programs in Swift, Python, or Scratch and truly start to understand what it’s like to be a programmer. Plus, the Tello EDU is very affordable for educators and bringing in drones for the entire class is also possible thanks to the variety in kit sizes we offer. To learn more about some of the best features of the Tello EDU drone, keep reading! 

  7. Eduporium Weekly | NEW on the Eduporium Store

    Our online store is always growing and we like to think of it as a one-stop shop for all educational technology needs. Whether it’s early education or high school technology, we regularly add the latest releases or versions of existing EdTech from a lot of the world’s top vendors. We also offer an Educator Discount of up to 20 percent on a lot of these items and can provide teachers and tech leaders with an easy, quick, and efficient purchasing experience. So, what’s recently been added the Eduporium store? We’ll get into that and more, including how to use these EdTech tools in the classroom, in the latest edition of the Eduporium Weekly! Keep reading to learn more about what you can find in the ‘New Arrivals’ section of our store. 

  8. Eduporium Experiment | Tello EDU Drone

    STEM education with drones is pretty cool in itself as students can learn about everything from controlling the drone, creating a flight path, capturing photos and video, and even getting more familiar with federal flying regulations while potentially preparing for a 21st century career. Well, we think it’s even more cool when they can use a programmable drone and combine flying and coding while creating programs that control the drone’s aerial moves, direction, and flight time! There have been a few programmable drones around for a bit now, but we were recently able to add the Tello EDU drone to our store and its incredibly affordable for also being programmable. So, our next step was to take it for a test flight and see what STEM learning in the classroom would be like with this compact but powerful tool! 

  9. Introducing the Tello EDU Drone with a Special Offer for Educators

    DJI is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to drones. Their abundance of models allow anyone with any amount of flying experience to ease into the drone world at the speed that’s right for them. They’ve intrigued both hobbyists and STEM enthusiasts with their MAVICSPARK, and Phantom drones, but now they’ve added something new to their offerings – something that’s now available on the Eduporium store. Their brand-new Tello EDU drone is designed exclusively for use in STEM education and provides both teachers and students with a new and exciting way to learn about piloting – and programming! 

  10. Get STEM Learning off the Ground with our NEW DJI Drones!

    We've got a drone to pick for you. Actually, we just added six new drones from DJI to our store and they're pretty awesome! Each model is designed to improve upon earlier drones and offer students a longer flight time without any complications. Oh, and did we mention students can engineer and program the drones themselves? Or, simulate a flight using DJI's virtual reality goggles? Now do we have your attention? DJI's drone options are great for students. It's as simple as that. 

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