1. The Finch Robot 2.0 is Now Shipping!

    The Finch Robot 2.0 is Now Shipping!
    One of the more highly anticipated educational technology releases in the last year, the Finch Robot 2.0 is now shipping! Much more robust and versatile than the original Finch Robot from BirdBrain Technologies, the Finch 2.0 is a true coding and robotics solution for students in all K-12 grades and allows students of different ability levels to try coding.
  2. Eduporium Experiment | micro:bit V2

    Eduporium Experiment | micro:bit V2
    The new micro:bit V2 features three notable additions in a built-in speaker, built-in microphone, and programmable, touch-sensitive logo. Students can try programming the micro:bit with MakeCode and incorporate all of new features found within the V2, which should begin shipping soon!
  3. Eduporium Weekly | Challenges Around Education in 2021

    Eduporium Weekly | Challenges Around Education in 2021
    All of the things we've learned about education throughout the pandemic are lessons most of us wouldn’t have thought we’d need to learn, but they’ve become very valuable. Now, education leaders are met with the prospect of carrying over these insights as they create meaningful student experiences and researching how they can be applied.
  4. Coding with the micro:bit and MakeCode

    The announcement of the new micro:bit V2 has excited STEAM educators around the world. The new board will feature some exciting components and, therefore, new ways for students to explore programming and computer science with MakeCode! Speaking of the MakeCode platform, if you're new to this environment, it can be used with the micro:bit (original or V2) and plenty of other STEAM tools (including in Cue Robot programming)  to introduce students to computer coding concepts that they can practice in school or remotely. MakeCode also supports coding in block or text languages, providing a viable option for students with different interests and abilities!

  5. Tips & Tricks | BirdBrain's Finch Robot 2.0

    Tips & Tricks | BirdBrain's Finch Robot 2.0
    The new Finch 2.0 robot has started shipping and educators can now explore the various ways of adding it to STEAM and makerspace lessons.With six modes of programming and processing power from the micro:bit, the Finch 2.0 makes a great K-12 coding option for computer science students! Keep reading for more important hints.
  6. Rising Resources | StrongMinded SEL

    Social-emotional learning and health are crucial elements of a child’s education at all times and, especially as the pandemic continues to upend traditional learning, it’s become even more of a focus within more and more school districts. The importance of SEL is highly touted and many educational leaders have created positions within their schools or districts to ensure that all students are appropriately managing and processing their emotions – something that can have an effect on their academic performance and overall mental health. So, for this week’s Rising Resources post, we decided to take a look at an online social-emotional learning resource known as StrongMinded. With StrongMinded, educators can provide students with the tools, resources, and attitudes they need to thrive socially and emotionally. Keep reading to learn more!

  7. Dash's Neighborhood as a Remote and Hybrid Coding Solution

    Last week, we were excited to be joined by Tim Tomaso from the Wonder Workshop Coding Development team to put on a webinar for educators interested in using the virtual Dash program in remote and hybrid learning. For those who may not know, the Wonder Workshop team has gone above and beyond to make sure that their coding and robotics tools (or, at the very least, digital variations of them) remain available to students who might be learning from home. The availability of the Dash’s Neighborhood platform allows students to explore coding concepts and create authentic programs online just like they would with the physical Dash robot. Keep reading to learn more and find out how to access the webinar recording if you missed it live.

  8. Eduporium Weekly | Get to Know the New micro:bit V2

    Eduporium Weekly | Get to Know the New micro:bit V2
    In terms of looks, the micro:bit V2 is similar to the original micro:bit and costs roughly the same as well. It has a lot more capabilities, however, and can add exciting new wrinkles to coding education with the addition of a built-in speaker, built-in microphone, and a redesigned LED matrix! Keep reading to learn more about it!
  9. Eduporium Featured Educator: Jean Daley

    Eduporium Featured Educator: Jean Daley
    Jean is a paralibrarian at the Erving Public Library in Erving, MA and, like so many others, she's had to adapt some of the library’s programming to be accessible remotely – something she’s found success with so far by maximizing the resources she has available to her, including her colleagues at the library.
  10. Eduporium Experiment | DroneBlocks Memberships

    Eduporium Experiment | DroneBlocks Memberships
    Teaching students about drones, their uses, and how to pilot them is amazing in its own right. When you incorporate the fact that some drones, like the Tello EDU, are programmable, then it takes drone education to a whole new level and the DroneBlocks professional learning content is a great way to get started.

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